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Everbridge acquires Infinite Blue

Public safety

Safeguard the public before, during, and after
critical events.

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Warn, inform, and safeguard the public

Public safety leaders depend on the Everbridge Public safety solutions to pinpoint risk and enable real-time collaboration across teams and jurisdictions. Everbridge meets specific data and compliance requirements for countries around the world to keep people safe wherever they live, work, and visit.

Ensure no one gets left behind


Know earlier

  • Receive early warnings on hyper-local weather feeds to detect and take action on impending threats
  • Gain real-time visibility into developing situations to make educated decisions
  • Integrate into other systems such as HR, IT, and CAD for a holistic view

Respond faster

  • Mobilize a rapid coordinated response team
  • Automate tasks and communications between systems to act quickly and reduce errors
  • Reach the right people in an instant with secure messaging

Reach everyone

  • Communicate with the public through all available channels
  • Leave no one behind through technology that can aid in evacuations or create two-way communication channels
  • Gather critical information to quickly understand where help and resources are needed

Prepare for all hazards

Build plans to help protect the public from risk and prepare to act when a situation arises. Gain real-time visibility into developing situations and mobilize services quickly from a single pane of glass.

Public Safety solutions
Public Safety mobilize

Mobilize and communicate instantly

Broadcast public warnings and alerts to reach your entire population in time to mitigate damage. Everbridge lets you communicate through multiple channels to share alerts, updates, and confirm the safety of people in an affected area.

How the Texas Department of Public Safety enhances critical communication

Brandon Alberd, Public Safety Notifications Coordinator for the state of Texas Department of Public Safety, offers fascinating insight into DPS’s journey of incorporating Everbridge into their emergency communication strategies.

From the initial stages of implementation to the seamless integration of Everbridge into their notification system, Brandon shares his firsthand experience of how the platform has transformed their approach to ensuring public safety and awareness during critical events.

State of Texas
Location Based SMS

Build resilient communities

Ensure everyone has equal access to the resources they need to be safe. Everbridge helps public authorities deploy integrated, multi-channel communications to reach people in different languages or with different communication needs.

More than 6,500 global customers use Everbridge

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Everbridge alert system helps find people missing from indigenous communities

Jennifer Jesty says she won’t soon forget the first Everbridge alert she sent about a missing girl.

The emergency resilience manager with the Union of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq said the program wasn’t fully deployed when police reached out to her for help.

“It was about 45 minutes later [that police] called back and said, ‘Jennifer, how did you do that? She is home and safe with her family. You were able to do in 45 minutes what we couldn’t do in 24 hours.”

Jennifer Justy V2

“Everbridge is a necessary tool for our campus safety and communications teams during events. I don’t know if they could do their jobs correctly without Everbridge.”

Chris Saenz
System Engineer, Azusa Pacific University

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Greece adopts modern public warning solution

For a nationwide public warning solution to be effective, all aspects of the end-to-end process chain need to work together flawlessly. This whitepaper provides a high-level overview of the centralized Greek Public Warning Cell Broadcast solution.


Mass Notification

Connect with and inform your entire organization before, during, and after a critical event with targeted two-way communications.

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