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Business Operations

Build Enterprise Resilience with Enhanced Business Operations and Safeguard Assets

The environment in which businesses operate is becoming more and more complex. Critical events such as COVID-19, severe weather, civil unrest, and supply chain disruption impact the resilience of businesses.

Everbridge Business Operations helps businesses prepare for, and respond to, critical events, protecting facilities and business operations. Built on Everbridge’s industry-leading critical event management (CEM) platform, businesses can detect potential risks which might impact business operations and orchestrate a response in seconds across teams and digital/physical systems.

Operational Resilience Ensures You Keep the Business Running

Detect events that impact your operations early with always-on signal monitoring and risk insights:

  • Understand emerging risks to operations before they impact the business​
  • Real-time risk verification and correlation, ensuring focus remains on risks relevant to operations​
  • 24X7X365 Global monitoring protects operations anywhere on the globe​

Rapidly orchestrate a response to critical events impacting your organization across your teams and systems:

  • Prepare an organization for potential risk with proactive, engaging communications​
  • Orchestrate response in real-time from anywhere, including mobile.
  • Communicate to those impacted by disruptions via virtually any communication device​ ​
  • Keep executives informed with dashboards and situation reporting​

The most experienced, secure, and reliable critical event management provider:

  • Communicate quickly and reliably during emergencies
  • Confirm message delivery with real-time insights
  • Access secure team collaboration
  • Safeguard data with world-class security, policies, and controls
  • Proven and trusted by millions across 200+ countries and territories

Proactively Assess Risk to Ensure Operation Continuity

With Better Situational Awareness

Always-on signal monitoring and real-time risk verification and correlation always you to identify and mitigate emerging disruptions to your operations anywhere in the world.

“Everbridge empowers the GSOC to provide a credible voice from security to our overall business development plan. Our team and its overall understanding of our operational environment are essential to ensuring the continuity of operations, safety of employees and security of assets.”

— Bob Bernazal, Director of Security, National Oilwell Varco

Improve Efficiency and Visibility

With Hyperautomation Across 60+ Systems

With Everbridge, Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Centers integrate 60 unconnected systems and data sources into a single, interactive view of real-time critical information needed to evaluate risks and take action.

Optimize Supply Chain Management

It’s impossible to eliminate risk from your supply chain, but organizations can take steps to minimize risk exposure and even eliminate the impact of risk events with careful planning, tools, and processes to anticipate and manage risk more effectively.

Proactively Respond to Logistics Delays

A top-ten global provider of transportation and logistics solutions had their supply chain operators manually checking multiple sites to determine whether border crossing wait times would cause delays for customer shipments. The provider has 50,000 customers across 30 countries and 1,500 locations of their own to manage. By moving to one platform for supply chain risk management, they were able to automate delay alerts and see them in real-time, under one pane of glass.

Customers Trust Everbridge to Keep Their Operations Running

Case Studies

VMware Deploys Everbridge

To gain a comprehensive, actionable view of its assets and potential risks, VMware has deployed Visual Command Center enterprise risk visualization software at its Global Security Operations Center (SOC).

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Richard Biber, the Director of Business Continuity for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, discusses the importance of operationalizing Everbridge beyond disasters to drive additional value for the company’s employees, teams, drivers, and customers.

Red Hat Gets View of Global Risk

Through their Information Sharing and Analysis Center, Red Hat Global security leverages Everbridge and other solutions to gain a common operating view of their global risk landscape in order to support employee safety and business resiliency.

Consistently Deliver a Great Customer Experience to Scale and Grow Your Business

Strengthen Operational Resilience

Build a Satisfied Customer Base

Digital transformation has resulted in an exponential rate of business growth, at the same time it has revealed multiple threats and vulnerabilities in organizational operations. The key to building a loyal customer base is reliable service delivery, which makes an agile and resilient IT system a top priority.

Close The Customer Experience Gap

Every Organization has processes set in place to respond to incidents but these often result in missed SLAs and a poor customer experience. By establishing automated workflows incidents can be resolved faster.

Rapid delivery of services at scale leads to good customer experiences, which is the most important metric for all organizations. Download this whitepaper to explore more:

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Avoiding Supply Chain Uncertainty

Major supply chain breakdowns have spurred an industry-wide awakening that has business continuity and resilience leaders eager for new solutions. Find out how to improve supply chain security automation and processes to turn supply chain risk into a competitive advantage.

Protecting the Supply Chain Against Risk

Operational risk is a strategic issue for all organisations and nowhere is it more evident than in the supply chain. Weather disruption, technical issues, workforce strikes and roadworks can delay or completely disrupt the supply chain, threatening on-time delivery, manufacturing processes and customer commitments.

Identify, Understand, and Manage Your Risk Profile

Everbridge Business Operations is integrated with the Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) Platform, providing a single solution for business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency communication.

Volatile 2022 Wildfire Season Ahead

The 2022 wildfire season in North America is underway and, like each of the past few years, has been more active than normal. Download this Situational Report for insights.

Leveraging AIOps and Service Intelligence for Active Incident Response

Having a Digital operations platform that can help manage, mitigate, and prevent disruptions is the key to success and a means to gain efficiency and scale. But without Service intelligence and understanding how your end customer has been impacted only results in a half-baked solution.

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