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Everbridge acquires Infinite Blue

Business operations

Anticipate and mitigate the impact of disruptions to strengthen business continuity.

Business Operations Solutions

Strengthen organizational resilience to withstand any incident

Anticipate and respond to disruptions with a single platform to mitigate risk and instantly mobilize people. Everbridge business operations solutions empower customers to anticipate risk, activate automated incident response workflows, and facilitate ongoing communications so organizations keep running.

Automation and intelligence at every step

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AI-powered risk monitoring across thousands of data sources:

  • Connect your internal systems for full visibility into physical and digital assets
  • Create situational awareness by monitoring external events and identifying emerging risks
  • View threats through a single pane of glass in the Visual Command Center
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Orchestrate rapid action across your organization:

  • Alert the right people to threats
  • Trigger automated response workflows to mitigate impact from disruptions
  • Launch mass communications according to pre-defined templates
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Multi-channel communication to keep people and assets safe:

  • Coordinate with first responders and law enforcement agencies
  • Push alerts and information to any device, even in remote areas
  • Share important updates on social channels and public forums
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Detect risks and quickly orchestrate a response

Everbridge Business Operations helps businesses prepare for, and respond to, critical events, protecting facilities and business operations. Built on Everbridge’s industry-leading critical event management (CEM) platform, businesses can detect potential risks that might impact business operations and orchestrate a response in seconds across teams and digital/physical systems.

Gain visibility and control across your organization

Understand the risk to people and assets from a single pane of glass. Always-on signal monitoring from vital data sources keeps you informed and updated on emerging critical events.

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Maintain business continuity during critical events

The Everbridge critical event management platform activates emergency response workflows based on real-time risk.
Use pre-defined or configurable workflow templates based on
existing operating procedures and runbooks.

Avoid downtime and service disruptions

Keep natural disasters, local incidents, and other emergencies from causing data loss and outages. The Everbridge critical event management platform assesses the risk of disruptions to data centers and offices by alerting the right people and putting workflows in motion that protect data, systems, and customer experience.

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Critical event management solutions

Stay compliant and in control

The Everbridge critical event management platform meets robust security, privacy, and duty of care standards with built-in controls that keep a secure line of communication open at all times.

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Flexible and configurable

Leverage built-in and configurable communication templates to conform with policies and industry requirements.

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Connected and open

Get trusted risk intelligence and event feeds to easily communicate and respond through hundreds of channels.

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Real-time situation reporting

Keep leadership and stakeholders informed with live dashboards and an auditable reporting system.

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“Everbridge empowers the GSOC to provide a credible voice from security to our overall business development plan. Our team and its overall understanding of our operational environment are essential to ensuring the continuity of operations, safety of employees and security of assets.”

Bob Bernazal

Director of Security, National Oilwell Varco

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Santander Saves Time and Cost with Critical Event Management

Within a single platform, Santander can now coordinate all response activities, teams, and resources to accelerate recovery times and maintain command and control during a crisis.

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Crisis Management

Orchestrate all crisis response activities, teams, and resources while providing real-time visibility.

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Risk Intelligence

Deliver actionable information that helps reduce risk wherever your people live, work, or travel.

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Mass Notification

Keep everyone informed before, during, and after critical events with targeted communications and workflow automation.

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Deliver high-impact multi-channel integrated internal communications to reach and engage employees.

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CareConverge (Hospitals)

Manage capacity and deliver quality patient care in less time, while exceeding compliance standards and patient expectations.

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