IT Operations

Centralize Your IT Communications

Incidents that affect IT Operations can happen at a moment’s notice. No matter the hour, IT Operations is tasked with dispatching the appropriate responders based on a particular business interruption, such as software or network failures. These interruptions need to be organized and prioritized by incident type, location, and severity. Everbridge helps automate communications play books during IT incidents to ensure the fastest possible mean-time-to-incident resolution, to minimize the chance for human error, and to notify any downstream stakeholders.

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Fix Problems Faster

With IT Alerting, you have the ability to centralize your alerting management with one system that manages escalation and on-call tracking, while still automatically triggering notifications from your infrastructure, application, and network performance management monitoring systems.

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Everbridge for IT Alerting

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Get the right people responding to incidents when needed

On-Call Scheduling combines real-time shift calendars with integrated on-call notifications. Send notifications immediately to specific groups that fit current operational needs such as role, skill, certification, or other demographic feature.

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Get information out to the right people at the right time

Reach out to staff, customers, and key stakeholders quickly and decisively during incidents with Critical Customer Communications. Keep parties informed and provide relevant updates, when available, ensuring everyone knows an incident is being attended to.