Mass Notification

Mass Notification keeps everyone informed before, during and after any event.

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Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services

Everbridge Mass Notification enables users to send notifications to individuals or groups using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. This comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during, and after events whether emergency or non-emergency.

Discerning customers choose Everbridge Mass Notification for its robust analytics, GIS capabilities, flexible, customizable contact management system and a unique “globally local” approach that makes it simple to notify or manage contacts and/or manage contact data across multiple distributed data stores from a single access point.


Features & Benefits

Smart, Targeted Communication

  • Intelligent, personalized message delivery that targets the individual and not the device.
  • Message escalation follows the order of contact preference designated by the recipient and stops once they confirm receipt.
  • Flexibility in broadcasting messages to virtually any communications device including mobile devices, desktops & websites.
  • GIS-based message targeting defined by zip code, street address, radius from a specific point, or other attribute.
  • Specify a location with user-friendly drawing tools.
  • Upload shape files from other applications for on-the-fly notifications to targeted geographic areas.
  • Support for more than 25 contact paths.
  • Automatically publish to systems such as: Public Websites, Intranets, Internal Systems, and Social Media.
  • Build events for one-click sending during incidents.
  • Set up notification templates with pre-determined contact lists and pre-defined messages.
  • Resend notifications to recipients or send follow-up messages to all, or a sub-set of, recipients for tracking within the same incident or event.
  • Flexible call-throttling enables system administrators to configure rules based on their infrastructure’s capacity.
  • Send notifications across organizations quickly from one account.

Empowered Mobile

  • Brings the power and security of communications to mobile devices everywhere, even under adverse network conditions.
  • Support for multi-platform smart phones and tablets including Apple® iOS and Android™ devices.
  • Reporting and analytics uses a native interface designed for the operating system of the mobile device.
  • Send quota and polling notifications with a multiple-choice responses.

Global Ready

  • Personalized reach to a global audience with truly localized global communications.
  • Broadcast messages globally, in any language.
  • Multilingual text-to-speech capability.
  • Global calls are initiated using providers that are local to the call recipient using globally local call routing.
  • Send a single notification anywhere in the world with a caller ID that is customizable by country.
  • Store PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data locally and securely in your country of preference and comply with the regulatory requirements of that locale.
  • Designed to meet the highest standards for regulatory requirements and handling of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) worldwide.
  • Centralized data management makes location of data transparent to the user.
  • Encryption of data at rest, if needed.

Geo-Intelligent Tools

  • Save and organize critical and often-used shapes and boundaries.
  • Create or import regions for one-time use or categorize and store in the Region Library for reuse later.
  • Dynamic search, filtering and targeted alerts to view the locations of special needs populations, subscribers to specific alert types, fire districts, police stations, and more.
  • Load, geo-code and manage contact data within a single interface in real-time.
  • Search address, location or point-of-interest and exclude contacts based on location or other attributes.
  • Upload display-only shapefiles identifying critical resources such as facility locations, oil pipelines, transmission lines, critical resource depots, etc. for reference on the map.

Flexible Contact Management

  • Automated bulk, partial and full updates of contacts utilizing a secure, industry-standard method for data transfer.
  • Groups and custom fields can be updated without compromising information from HR systems.
  • Search of filter contacts on any attribute or combination of attributes within a contact’s profile.
  • Notify contacts and/or manage contact data across multiple distributed data stores from a single access point.
  • Contact data can be populated from several sources and geo-coded.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

  • Comprehensive and robust reporting and analytics capabilities deliver actionable intelligence in real-time.
  • Decision-makers are empowered to make changes on-the-fly, leading to better results.
  • Launch frequently requested reports on-the-fly with Quick Reports.
  • Review audit logs of changes made within the account.
  • Easily enhance exported reports with off-line creation of pivot tables and cross-referencing.
  • Detailed Notification Analysis Report for quick and easy broadcast review.

Positive User Experiences

  • Comprehensive and intuitive administrator interface.
  • Role-based access controls for organization administrators, group managers, data managers, dispatchers and notification operators.
  • Branded, customizable profile management portals to administer both publicly available and private (invitation-only) opt-in.
  • Available Mass Notification Message Sender Certification demonstrates the system knowledge and best practices involved in creating and sending messages.

Everbridge Mass Notification for IPAWS WEA

  • Simple FEMA compliance form focuses on only the most important information.
  • Geographically target messages to individuals using county-based Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME).
  • Embedded in the existing Everbridge notification workflow, there is no need for users to open another application.
  • “Training Mode” enables organizations to teach users about the system without sending an actual message.

Use Cases

Citizen Protection and Life Safety

  • Communicate rapidly and reliably to citizens based on location and progression of an incident.
  • Manage evacuations, provide shelter-in-place guidance, and issue status updates and re-entry instructions.
  • Notify citizens with important community information, such as road closures and crime bulletins, based on citizen-specified preferences.
  • Conduct wellness checks with the elderly and special needs populations through real-time polling.
  • Collect citizen contact data through the Everbridge SmartRegistration portal. This portal is fully managed to minimize administrative requirements by government staff members.

Emergency Response and Management

  • Manage emergencies while away from the office with mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)
  • View the locations of fire districts, police stations, evacuation areas, and more. Target communications accordingly.
  • Coordinate and manage volunteer resources based on special skills and location.
  • Connect key stakeholders with single key response instant conference bridging capabilities
  • Increase connectivity to key audiences and ensure that your message is received and acknowledged by its intended recipients.
  • Automate communication processes to improve communication consistency and decrease errors.
  • Integrate recipient feedback, RSS feeds, and social media in a single communications console for situational intelligence.
  • Take advantage of scale on demand with the Everbridge elastic infrastructure and call throttling capabilities that allow the administrator to prevent Central Office (CO) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) overloads.

Continuity of Operations

  • Comply with the National Preparedness Plan, NIMS, and Homeland Security Target Capabilities, including citizen evacuation and shelter-in-place protection, emergency public information and warning, and more.

Developing Your Notification Programs

  • Program strategy: Everbridge provides a holistic solution to your mass communication challenges. Leveraging Everbridge as your communication platform, we structure your emergency notification initiative, establish policies and procedures, review crisis communication methodologies and notification best practices, and train your team.
  • Implementation and best practices. Everbridge has developed proven processes and best practices based on tens of thousands of hours of experience helping organizations implement incident notification systems.
  • 24/7/365 support. Everbridge provides clients with 24/7/365 client care and live operator service for help sending broadcasts in any situation, day or night.
  • Self-service portal. Clients use Everbridge’s self-service portal to access our knowledgebase and add, update, and review service cases and enhancement requests online, anytime.
  • Dedicated account management. Account managers work exclusively with organizations in a specific industry so they understand your needs and challenges and act as informed guides to help you make the most effective use of Everbridge Aware.