Everbridge SmartGIS™

Interactive Message -Targeting By Location

Everbridge SmartGIS™ is an interactive, map-based communication platform that enables you to contact thousands of people with life-saving information quickly and efficiently via all forms of communication, including home phones, mobile phones, email, text messaging, instant messaging, pagers, fax, BlackBerry, and more. Everbridge SmartGIS is built on a Web 2.0 platform that provides an engaging, interactive user experience and ensures unparalleled simplicity and ease of use in an emergency.
How Everbridge SmartGIS Helps You
  • Rapid and reliable location-based communication. Communicate rapidly and reliably to people based on their location. As an incident progresses and shifts location, Everbridge SmartGIS gives you the ability to identify and contact those in its path.
  • Visual intelligence for better decision-making. View locations relevant to the organization on the Everbridge SmartGIS map interface, such as fire districts and police stations for cities, store locations for retail chains, and more. Target communications accordingly.
  • More accurate contact information to reach more people. In addition to your own database, you may collect contact data and allow user profile self-maintenance through the Everbridge SmartRegistration™ portal, giving you more accurate contact information and additional contact paths.
  • Improved situational awareness and resource deployment. Interactive, real-time polling enables you to survey constituents to determine safety status, coordinate and manage volunteer resources based on special skills and location, manage requests for help, and more.
  • Faster incident response and better ongoing communications. Quickly and effectively issue emergency alerts, provide guidance, and issue status updates throughout the duration of an incident.
  • Communications compliance and reporting. Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements through automated notifications, real-time confirmations, and extensive audit trail reporting.


For a more comprehensive discussion of the Everbridge Aware incident notification system’s capabilities, contact us to schedule a system demonstration tailored to your specific needs.

Sending Messages

  • Map-based message targeting. Send messages to people in a specific geographical region defined by zip code, street address, radius from a specific point, or latitude/longitude. Specify a neighborhood or other location with Everbridge’s user-friendly drawing tools.
  • Dynamic map-layer toggling and targeted alerts. View important information on a map, such as the locations of special needs populations, subscribers to specific alert types, fire districts, police stations, and more. 
  • Shape support and library. Upload shape files from other applications for on-the-fly notifications to targeted geographic areas. Save frequently used shapes to a library for future use.
  • Message initiation from anywhere. Initiate broadcasts from virtually anywhere, anytime by phone or internet.
  • Unlimited contact devices. Broadcast messages using all communication paths, such as phone, email, text messaging, instant messaging, fax, BlackBerry, pagers, and more.
  • Intelligent message delivery. Everbridge SmartGIS delivers messages in your contacts’ order of preference and stops once a recipient confirms receipt.
  • Surveying and data collection. Send notifications with a multiple-choice question with up to nine different responses and collect data, such as alternate phone numbers or “I’m ok” citizen wellness information.


  • Real-time tracking. Everbridge SmartGIS assembles broadcast data in real-time to display compiled results in a clear, easy-to-read dashboard.
  • Advanced reporting. Robust ad-hoc reporting enables you to perform post-incident analysis and review.

Managing Contact Data

  • Unlimited administrators. Assign as many or as few administrators as you require with no additional charges or implementation delays. Self-registration capabilities. Enable people to opt in or out of receiving notifications from you or to provide additional contact details with a custom self-registration portal.
  • Contact data self-maintenance. Allow people to update their own contact information at any time in Everbridge SmartGIS through user profiles.
  • Recipient-specified contact preferences. Give people the ability to prioritize the order in which their communication devices will be attempted to ensure the greatest likelihood of reaching them.
  • +The Citizen Experience (for Government)
  • Citizen self-registration/opt-in. Residents and businesses can provide additional contact information through a customized opt-in page accessible from your website.
  • Emergency and community alert types. Enable citizens to specify which non-emergency community alerts they would like to receive in addition to emergency alerts.
  • Multiple locations. Citizens can specify up to five locations they’d like to receive alerts about, such as home, work, and their children’s schools.
  • Special needs and more. Collect optional information, such as special needs, volunteer interest, and special skills. Target communications accordingly.
  • Custom greetings. Include customized greetings for all voice notifications.
  • Customizable caller ID and email sender. Set a recognizable phone number and email address to display in caller ID or email message sender fields.

Developing Your Notification Program

  • Program strategy: Everbridge Notification Solution. Everbridge provides a holistic solution to your emergency communication challenges. Leveraging Everbridge as your communication platform, we structure your emergency notification initiative, establish policies and procedures, review crisis communication methodologies and notification best practices, and train your team.
  • Implementation and best practices. Everbridge has developed proven processes and best practices based on tens of thousands of hours of expertise helping organizations implement incident notification systems.
  • Program rollout. Everbridge offers customizable content and marketing materials and access to our public relations firm to aid clients in creating awareness programs.
  • 24/7/365 support. Everbridge provides clients with 24/7/365 client care and live operator service for help sending broadcasts in any situation, day or night.
  • Self-service portal. Clients use Everbridge’s self-service portal to access our knowledgebase and add, update, and review service cases and enhancement requests online, anytime.
  • Dedicated account management. Account managers work exclusively with organizations in a specific industry so they understand your needs and challenges and act as informed guides to help you make the most effective use of Everbridge SmartGIS.