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El Niño 2015-16: What’s Ahead and Winter Weather Preparedness


wdt el ninoEl Niño refers to the periodic disruption to the normal climatological state over the central and east Pacific Ocean that causes widespread atmospheric changes across North and South America. This phenomenon, combined with recent climate changes, has caused this year’s El Niño to be one of the most disruptive on record. Areas like California and Missouri have already been experiencing the devastating effects of flooding caused by higher than average rainfall levels.


Recently, we sat down with Dr. Mike Gold from Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) who helped shed some additional light on what exactly El Niño is, and what effects we can expect to see from this year’s event. Dr Gold is a senior scientist and forecaster for WDT, focused on providing long-term forecasting for high impact weather events, such as El Niño.


We also had the pleasure of speaking to Mike Gauthier, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for WDT. He gave us a short presentation on what tools are available to manage critical assets in both routine and severe weather events, including a use case involving the recent Oklahoma ice storms.


Watch the video clips below to hear what the experts at WDT have to say about this year’s El Niño, and how it can affect you.


Everbridge’s own Michael Scott introduces each of the speakers and gives a brief description of their professional backgrounds



Dr. Mike Gold gives an in-depth analysis of this year’s El Niño event and it’s potential consequences



Mike Gauthier describes how WDT uses meteorological forecasting to drive their powerful weather intelligence tools



Claudia Dent discusses Everbridge’s critical communications platform and how its features can be leveraged to deal with severe weather events




If you’re interested in learning more about severe weather predictions for 2015 including El Niño summer wind patterns, thunderstorms and potential hurricanes, and the steps your organization can take in preparation, watch the webinar replay here.  



Weather Decision Technologies, Inc (WDT) is a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather detection, nowcasting and forecasting systems. If you would like to hear more from Dr. David Gold orMike Gauthier of WDT regarding El Nino predictions and the steps your organization can take in preparation, visit   

Everbridge’s SMARTWeather Alerting leverages Weather Decision Technologies to provide location-specific severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service at the speed of a click to help keep everyone informed and safe. If you’re interesting in learning more about Everbridge’s SMARTWeather product, visit


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