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Does your Emergency Management Plan Cover Severe Weather Preparedness?

For many cities and towns across the United States, the summertime marks the start of severe weather season. In preparation for the season, emergency management plans need to be updated and actionable in order to lessen the impact of potential severe weather.  According to the US can expect fire threats in the Southwest, heat and dryness in the Northern and Southern Plains and a possible tropical hit in the Southeast.

Recently, Everbridge hosted a webinar with our partner, Weather Decision Technologies that took a look at the 2017 summer weather forecast, highlighted real-life severe weather case studies, described weather communication best practices and finally gave a critical event management overview. Throughout the webinar, our presenters stressed the importance of having a complete and tested emergency management plan that accounts for communicating with residents throughout different severe weather event. Below is the recording of our webinar:

To learn more about how Everbridge can help you build out your emergency management plans for severe weather, request a demo. At the same time, check out our product SMARTWeather which leverages real-time weather data from Weather Decision Technologies to provide location-specific severe weather alerts.