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Everbridge Acquires Nixle

Everbridge Acquires Nixle to Redifine Critical Communications for Local Communities and Businesses

A Letter from our CEO and Commonly Asked Questions

The combination of Everbridge’s leadership in critical communications and emergency notification, with Nixle’s innovative approach to community engagement, will redefine the way that public safety departments communicate and collaborate with local residents, schools and businesses.

Dear Everbridge Customer,

I am excited to announce that Everbridge has acquired Nixle! This strategic acquisition will further elevate Everbridge as the world’s leading provider of unified critical communication solutions for government and business.

Nixle provides a market-leading software platform for local, public safety and service communications. It delivers real-time, relevant information from official agencies to the communities they serve, encouraging interaction and engagement. The company introduced its platform to the public in 2009 and has since grown to support over 7,000 public safety and government agencies at the local, county and state level, and over 2,000,000 opt-in users.

Together, Everbridge and Nixle will redefine the way that public safety departments and governments communicate and collaborate with their communities (and vice versa). Our two organizations will be able to better engage across communities to create a connected network of residents, educators, public safety professionals, local businesses and community leaders.

This combined offering will not change your existing relationship with Everbridge; nor will it change the level of excellence in support and service that you have come to expect. We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to provide you with enhanced global service, expanded local intelligence and continuing to invest in your success and satisfaction.

We are sharing this news with you today and will make a public announcement shortly.

Please find more information about this announcement and what it means to you below, and at If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your Everbridge account manager.


Jaime Ellertson
CEO, Everbridge

Everbridge Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Everbridge and Nixle joining forces?

Everbridge’s vision is to deliver unified critical communication solutions worldwide. Nixle shares a similar vision to provide real-time, relevant public safety and service information directly to communities, residents and businesses. Together, our two companies will connect communities via the NixleWire and Everbridge Network with intelligence and critical information that can be shared and socialized across public safety departments, government agencies, schools, religious organizations and businesses alike.

How will this change how I do business with Everbridge?

This combined offering will not change how customers interact with Everbridge. Everbridge will continue to supply you with market-leading, global critical communication solutions.

How will this announcement affect Everbridge’s product roadmap?

Everbridge’s short-term product roadmap will remain unchanged. However, Everbridge will be working with the Nixle team over the next few months to leverage the features and functions available in the Nixle platform to drive ongoing product enhancements and innovation.

What are the plans for technology integration between Everbridge and Nixle?

The Nixle and Everbridge product platforms will be managed separately. Over time, we will look to deliver greater value to customers by integrating and/or leveraging additional capabilities of both platforms.

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