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Everbridge launches first situational intelligence network to improve organization to organization connectivity in emergencies


Glendale, Calif. – Sept. 18, 2013 – Everbridge, the leading provider of critical communication solutions, today launched the Everbridge Network, the first situational intelligence network to automate communications between regional or industry related organizations during emergencies. The Everbridge Network is an integral component of the Everbridge solutions suite, a single enterprise platform for emergencies, mass notifications, incident communications, and situational intelligence.

The Everbridge Network connects public and private organizations by location, industry, or aligned interests. With the Everbridge Network, organizations can take advantage of direct connectivity with other trusted and verified organizations. These connections can be based on geographic region or industry and allow participants to share or receive near real-time situational intelligence which can be used to accelerate and improve the efficiency of emergency response. Ultimately, with the Everbridge Network, public and private groups can keep impacted stakeholders informed in a timely fashion, respond quickly with clear messages, identify misinformation, and extend the reach and effectiveness of their communications to impacted individuals.

One way the Everbridge Network functions is to allow an organization (local government, utility, transportation facility, etc.) to notify other area businesses (school, hospital, or other local businesses) on the network of an emergency that may impact them. By having these direct connections with trusted sources, impacted organizations are able to expedite their emergency response and thus improve their ability to protect life and property.

“Networked communicators facilitate the implementation and coordination of a regional crisis plan. The management of information exchange in a network setting should improve efficiencies, save time, and sift out the types of data and messages that derail effective decision making and decisive action,” states communications expert Dr. Robert Chandler in his paper, The Network Effect: Connecting the Dots of Crisis Communication. “This efficient information exchange can better empower and lead to appropriate responses. In fact, one key benefit of this networking would be to more efficiently share actionable information.”

“In a crisis, an organization often implements a communication strategy to help protect people and property, but this plan typically includes only communication between an organization and its own constituents,” said Imad Mouline, chief technology officer, Everbridge. “By participating in a successful communication network, however, an organization can take advantage of and provide situational intelligence that can have a massive impact on the speed and comprehensiveness of emergency response.”

About Everbridge

Everbridge provides critical communication solutions to more than 30 million end users in all major industries and government sectors around the globe. The Everbridge solutions suite allows clients to manage emergencies, mass notifications, incident communications, and situational intelligence from a single system. Ultimately, these solutions help clients save lives, manage critical activities and improve the efficiency of daily operations. For more information about Everbridge, please see

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