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How can a Digital Operations Platform support operational resilience?

More organizations are requiring solutions that can automate and streamline digital operations across teams and toolsets, enabling enterprises to deliver continuous service uptime and enhance customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, many have started to combine the 24×7 response function of business continuity, physical security, cybersecurity, and crisis management into a “fusion center,” “joint information center,” or “centralized incident response team.”

To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of this centralized response center, technology to facilitate and automate the response needs to be in place. In other words, this is where digital transformation or adopting a digital operations platform (DOP) comes into play.

A digital operations platform is critical to supporting operational resilience for an organization. As teams look to ensure their long-term success in the digital realm, implanting this type of tool will be a significant step in the right direction. But what exactly does this type of platform accomplish, and how do those accomplishments equate to enterprise resilience? We’re glad you asked!

What can a Digital Operations Platform accomplish?

When service degradations occur, a digital operations platform keeps digital operations running and customers happy. This happens in a variety of ways, depending on how your team chooses to utilize a DOP and the integrations that you build into your workflows and systems.

For example, consider some of the top challenges that modern CIO’s and other senior leaders are facing:

  • Adapting to remote and hybrid work models.
  • Moving business processes to the cloud.
  • Improving customer experiences to influence the buying decision.

They are being asked to do all this while delivering services reliably, without interruption. Additionally, senior leaders must consider disruptions from third-party vendors that may directly affect business.

Imagine that in the middle of the night, your data center experiences a security breach, and in seconds all your digital properties are taken offline. With employees working across the continent remotely, there’s no way to get everyone in a huddle to investigate and resolve the issue. There’s not even a way to determine who the right people would be to have in that discussion. The longer the outage goes on, the more frustrated customers are with a lack of access to the solution and lack of communication about what’s going on.

Every issue in that example can be resolved with a digital operations platform, possibly even resolved via automated workflows that don’t require human intervention. It’s a fully loaded tool that can be personalized to your business, and supports all teams in their efforts to keep operations running and continued resilience of the services you offer.

How does a Digital Operations Platform enhance operational resilience?

Organizations can greatly benefit from a digital operations platform that enables teams to effectively:

  • Assess and detect when a digital service disruption has occurred and pinpoint system degradations.
  • Act by automatically identifying and deploying the correct response teams and empowering them with standard operating procedures before disruptions impact customer experience.
  • Analyze data collected from the event and conduct post-incident reporting and analysis to help improve processes in the future.

How does strengthening operational resilience provide great customer experience?

Teams need time and space to work on the development of new solutions to keep their companies relevant and competitive. More and more, development teams are being bogged down by constant monitoring and upkeep of systems, leaving little time for pure innovation. Having a digital operations platform helps technical teams like DevOps and SREs automate workflows, ensure infrastructure and applications are always working, and rapidly deliver products at scale, ensuring the ultimate goal of providing customers with an outstanding experience.

A digital operations platform provides the ability to assess, act, and analyze, which effectively bolsters resilience as disruptions can be handled efficiently and effectively prior to affecting customers. Furthermore, the ability to learn from hard data is invaluable for improving response to future incidents. More information can be found in Strengthening Operational Resilience Builds a Satisfied Customer Base, downloadable here!

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