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Improve customer support with a digital operations platform

One of the biggest roadblocks to providing consistently excellent customer experience is a breakdown of communication between customer support and technical teams. Too often support teams are left out of the loop when it comes to detailed incident information.

When customers experience an incident and call support, they expect status updates immediately. But without access to the right information, representatives are left guessing at best and providing incorrect answers at worst. This leads to confusion and frustration, for both representatives and customers alike.

Break down the wall between customer support and technical teams

Customer-facing teams that are too far removed from incident management cannot readily understand the customer’s issue nor properly communicate the steps being taken toward resolution. Uniting support and tech teams within one centralized digital operations platform opens pathways of communication. This leads to a more informed customer support team, which results in better customer experiences.  

While a digital operations platform may seem to cater only to IT and DevOps teams, customer support teams can find shared value in the centralization and automation of incident management. Within one centralized portal, customer support can see the technical team’s progress on incidents in real-time. This could be through:

  • Incident dashboards
  • Dedicated incident ChatOps channels
  • Inclusion in conference calls

The incident’s resolvers can remain focused on the issue at hand, while customer support receives the information needed to provide excellent customer service.

If you’d like an example of how a customer’s experience can be improved with a digital operations platform, contact us.

How can Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform help?

Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform empowers customer support with access to real-time status updates and the ability to communicate with technical teams. This helps expedite the flow of information and keeps business units aligned on the state of incidents, which can also lead to a more proactive support stance.

Providing your support team with automated incident updates enables them to anticipate an issue and be ready with information for the customer when they inevitably call. Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform also identifies flags before they become critical events, so that your teams can always stay ahead of an incident.

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