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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

Global ​public safety conversation series

Climate risk resilience

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In this series Rachele Gianfranchi, Director of Government Affairs at Everbridge leads conversations with key stakeholders in preparation for the early warning for all initiative

Climate adaption finance and early warning systems

Barbara Buchner, Global Managing Director Climate Policy Initiative
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How can adaptation finance help in reducing climate risk? A look at innovative financial instruments.

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How can telecom policy and regulation accelerate the deployment of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems around the world? Thoughts in advance of the ITU Global Symposium of Regulators.

Telecom regulation for climate adaptation

Vanessa Gray, ITU Head of Emergency Communications

Early warning systems connecting the dots for effective climate adaptation

Ede Ijiaz, Senior Advisor​ Global Center on Adaptation & CEO, Eigen Impact Consulting
Bapon Fakhruddin Water Resources Management Lead Division of Mitigation and Adaptation, Green Climate Fund
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How can the hydrometeorological cycle achieve an end-to-end risk management and disaster reduction approach to save lives and protect livelihoods?

Myamoto 1

How a Global Engineering Company is delivering on the ground action for Humanitarian Disaster Recovery.

Public Safety for a Private Engineering Company Active in the Humanitarian Sector

Episode 4
Dr H Kit Miyamoto
Global CEO and Humanitarian Coordinator of Miyamoto International

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