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Everbridge and AccuWeather Launch New Weather Alert Services

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 3, 2011 – Everbridge, the world’s recognized leader in incident notification systems, today announced that, in partnership with AccuWeather®, it will offer several new weather alerting services for Everbridge clients. Built from the specific needs of clients across the nation, the new weather services allow for more customization about the types of information that is delivered before notifying individuals about inclement weather and seismic activity.

The power of Everbridge and AccuWeather ensures that organizational leaders have accurate weather intelligence before, during and after inclement weather or unforeseen seismic activity-so that organizations can communicate the right message to the right people. Weather intelligence specific to various roles in an organization can be customized with relevant location and weather-specific instructions-so that targeted Everbridge notifications can be delivered, first-responders are informed and leadership teams can monitor the progress or activity of their teams. The weather advisories can be sent to tens, hundreds, or thousands of people in minutes across multiple modes of communication, including landline phones, mobile phones, SMS/text message, email and more.

“The weather can change in an instant and we need to provide this information to our emergency responders in a timely manner. We selected AutoWarn to directly notify our emergency responders of hazardous weather outlooks and warnings”, stated Carl Stephens, Director of the Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority who recently purchased the AccuWeather solution. “AutoWarn will alleviate the need of manual notifications by our dispatchers to emergency responders, saving time and resources.”

Everbridge’s exclusive AccuWeather offering empowers clients to utilize exactly what they need to keep their people engaged and aware. These exclusive services include:

  • AutoWarn™- Official advisories for types of severe weather that matter to you…
  • Hurricane Impact Forecast- Five-day forecasts of hurricane path and the risk levels for coastal and inland areas, prepared by AccuWeather meteorologists.
  • Earthquake Notification and Tsunami Warning Service- Official worldwide earthquake reports and U.S. coastal tsunami warnings.

“We are excited about these brand-new offerings that we developed with our partner AccuWeather. Our clients require the right tools to prepare and respond to severe weather threats,” said Cinta Putra, Chief Executive Officer for Everbridge. “Based on market feedback, organizations need better and more targeted weather intelligence that proactively informs them of the specific weather threats for their locations. Our offerings will improve the outreach and awareness for any weather-related notification.”

“We are pleased to work collaboratively with Everbridge to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of official severe weather warnings and the most accurate and timely hurricane forecasts,” said Bradley J. Mitchell, Chief Commercial Officer for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions.

About Everbridge
Everbridge, the world’s recognized leader in incident notification systems, merges technology with industry expertise to help millions of people communicate in a crisis, manage operational incidents and connect on a daily basis. The company’s notification platform and incident lifecycle communications model makes communicating to many as simple and effective as communicating to one. Organizations and civilian agencies in more than 100 countries— including the State of Connecticut,, Marathon Oil Corporation, the American Red Cross, and Virginia Tech —rely on Everbridge for their emergency notification and day-to-day communication needs. For more information about Everbridge, visit

About AccuWeather, Inc.
AccuWeather delivers mission-critical, weather-driven, enterprise solutions that assist business, government, media, and institutions worldwide in protecting their people, property and profits from the effects of weather. AccuWeather’s enterprise products include the most accurate, site-specific, customized severe weather warnings, short- and long-range forecasts, and applied weather information. In addition, the 116 AccuWeather meteorologists present forecasts and severe weather bulletins each day to one quarter of a billion persons worldwide via the free website, mobile devices and IPTV, through the airwaves, and in print. More than 50,000 third-party Internet sites display AccuWeather content, including the, CBS News Mobile, and WABC-TV New York. Visit for more information.


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