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Everbridge Debuts Next Generation SMART® Weather Alerting Solution to Automate the Targeted Delivery of Severe Weather Notifications

Glendale, Calif. – October 24, 2012 – Everbridge, the leading provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, today announced that in partnership with AccuWeather, the World’s weather authority, it has introduced the next generation of weather alerts with Everbridge SMART (Specific, Map-driven, Automated, Rules-based, Targeted notifications) Weather Alerting solution.  Everbridge SMART Weather Alerting is the first solution of its kind to offer location-specific severe weather alerts that can be automated with delivery rules to include multiple delivery devices as well as an unlimited variety of messages or emergency calls to action.

Everbridge’s new SMART Weather Alerting leverages AccuWeather’s more than 100 meteorological resources to enhance and optimize severe weather alerts such as lightning, tornados, thunderstorms, hail, ice, snow, extreme temperatures, high winds, flash floods, and flooding. Because these severe weather types are difficult to predict far in advance, they often have terrible loss of property and life for those individuals who are caught unaware.

Everbridge’s new SMART Weather Alerting is offered in two packages.  The first through Everbridge’s Mass Notification Member Portal which allows employees, residents, or other key stakeholders to opt-in to receive weather alerts based on any number of locations over multiple contact paths. Using the Everbridge “target the individual, not the device” philosophy, weather notifications can be escalated through a series of contact paths including mobile devices, SMS, email and landline phones until the recipient confirms receipt of the alert. This notification escalation process dramatically improves an organization’s ability to ensure that their recipients and not just their devices receive critical alerts.

Everbridge also offers SMART Weather Alerting in combination with its Interactive Visibility solution that enables the automated delivery of severe weather alerts to specialized teams, such as emergency managers, communications executives or business leaders with specific calls to action.  Automating the combination of the weather alerts with specific calls to action decreases the time that it would typically take to activate these teams and provides them with more time to enact the course of action necessary to protect their constituents, employees or property.  And for those highly time-sensitive weather alerts where every second counts, such as tornado warnings, SMART Weather Alerting can be set up to automatically notify all affected recipients in the impact area to take immediate precautions.

“Timely, accurate weather warnings are critical to successfully managing a severe weather incident. In the case of dealing with flooded roads during a heavy storm, high winds in a wildfire, or icy conditions during rush hour, AccuWeather informs the decision-making of administrators managing the storm preparation and response,” said Bradley J. Mitchell, chief commercial officer, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. “We have found Everbridge to be an effective way to quickly put location-based warnings in the right hands in real-time, enabling decision makers to make more informed decisions for their organization. At the end of the day, AccuWeather and Everbridge are in the business of saving lives.”

“With this partnership, Everbridge clients now have access to more than 100 different types of the most accurate and location-specific general weather and severe weather alerts using a notification service that ensures that critical messages reach target recipients,” said Imad Mouline, chief strategy officer, Everbridge. “AccuWeather’s precise, timely and local weather services, when combined with Everbridge’s Mass Notification and Interactive Visibility solutions, provide our clients with unparalleled weather warning insight that can dramatically improve their ability to protect their most important assets.”

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