The ability to send mobile mass notifications and incident communications using mobile devices is vital in today’s 24×7 connected world.

ManageBridge brings the same set of rich communications features available in Mass Notification to administrators who frequently use smartphones and tablets. It is a free, native mobile application available to Everbridge clients that gives you more control than ever before over emergency notifications.

Secure mobile message delivery on the go

Emergency system administrators frequently use smartphones and tablets while on the job.

With Everbridge, ManageBridge, admins can monitor and initiate communications from smartphones and tablets while away from their desk or on the way to a safe location.

Jody Grizz Continuity Program Coordinator, LG&E KU Energy
A lot of times when we need to use the Everbridge system I might not be at my desk. In these instances, I use the mobile app that is available. I would much rather send a message out using a mobile app because it’s just so much easier. I can access the app on either my iPhone or iPad, which is one of the great benefits of Everbridge.
ManageBridge Data Sheet

Create specific stakeholder conference notifications to bring response teams and executives together, or launch secure push notifications on-the-fly.

Record a voice message and immediately send it to recipients or save it as a template

Attach an image from your smartphone or tablet to include with your notification

Mark Petrone Environmental Care Safety Officer, John Dempsey Hospital
From an emergency communications standpoint, it’s really nice that I have access to the Everbridge system from multiple devices. I have it on all of my phones, so I can send a message from anywhere, at any time. People are amazed. They’re like, ‘Wow, you can do that?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, it’s that easy.

Instant updates and quick response collection

The ability to monitor and initiate communications from smartphones and tablets while on-the-go is essential for emergency response.

Key Features

ManageBridge gives user more control over their emergency notifications than ever before by allowing them to provide instant updates in real-time and gather quick responses to assess what resources are needed and available.

Users can transmit SMS messages in low bandwidth or weak connectivity areas using Apple iOS and Android devices.

Real-time reports of broadcast results

After an incident has occured and a notification has been sent, it is important that users understand who has received their message and when it was received.

Carole Snyder PIH Health
Having the mobile application on my iPhone is also nice. We can message out from anywhere in the building, anywhere in the city and from home. We have even been able to trigger a Code Triage from home using the mobile app.
Key Features

ManageBridge allows for users to be interactive and monitor real-time push notifications from their mobile device using an interactive graphical reporting interface to gauge the reach of their broadcasts.

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