Severe weather events can jeopardize the safety of employees, citizens, key stakeholders and others. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent these events from happening, but you can prepare yourself by setting up an emergency alert.

Everbridge’s SMARTWeather Alerting leverages Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) to provide location-specific severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service at the speed of a click to help keep everyone informed and safe.

Automated Weather Alerts

Severe weather events impacts each region in different ways. Everbridge has partnered with weather leaders to deliver National Weather Service alerts directly to residents, employees and other stakeholders.

SmartWeather provides access to more than 150 different types of the most accurate location-specific weather and severe weather alerts, including hail and lightning.

Ed Reuter Emergency 911 Director, Bartholomew County, IN
Everbridge allows us to refine notifications so that they only target the areas affected by the weather warnings. Upon receiving notifications from the National Weather Service, all sirens within the county are activated regardless of the actual location of the bad weather. Using Everbridge, citizens know that if they receive a warning message on their cell phone, land line or email, they are in the “hot” zone of where the storm is likely to occur.
Key Features

Detailed emergency alerts, geographies and stop start times

Visual weather and select targets using GIS maps and shapes

Deliver alerts to contacts and members automatically through SMS weather text alerts

Use rules to determine when a message should be triggered

Deliver the right message to the right person automatically

Vanessa Fineis Business Continuity Management, Jackson National Life Insurance
Everbridge provides Jackson with a platform that they utilize on a regular basis to communicate with employees. With safety being their first priority, Jackson utilizes the system for polling during weather related events to ensure employees are out of harm's way.

Targeted Weather Alerts

Keeping your employees, residents and other key stakeholders informed and safe with automatic broadcasts to all affected recipients in an impact area is time consuming and requires a 24x7 staff to provide complete coverage.

Actively manage weather events and quickly put location-based warnings in the right hands, in real-time. With SMARTWeather you can automatically broadcast customized messages based on the type and severity of the event.

Key Features

to identify weather impacted locations.

with specific start times and timely closing of alerts minimize delays and productivity losses.

in affected areas using a map that identifies weather impacted locations.

based on weather type, severity, location and audience.​

Threshold-based Weather Alerts

Organizations with multiple branches, stores and facilities cannot only rely on local or 'free' weather reports for accurate information and need an automated way to warn local and regional managers to potentially severe weather.

James Green Business Continuity Program Manager, PSCU
With SMART Weather, certain weather events will trigger an all-employee communication immediately, cutting delivery time down to sixty seconds or less. In life safety, this is a huge time savings.
Key Features

to notify response teams, such as emergency managers or business continuity teams and have them join conference calls to coordinate response.

based alerts around key facilities or offices

based on the type of alert severity: Statements, Warnings, Advisories and Watches

if there is the severe weather is "Upgraded", "Extended" or if certain wind thresholds are likely to be met.

Scott MacKissock Emergency Manager, Morrison County
If we've got severe weather, and if we need to notify people about missing children, vulnerable adults, or if we've got something happening where we have to shelter-inplace, we'll use Everbridge. Whenever we deem that an emergency might happen, if we have to use it, we'll use it.

150+ Weather Alerts

Tracking which alerts are severe enough to require notification takes time and local understanding which many organizations do not have the time or expertise to accomplish

Everbridge SMARTWeather automatically keeps residents and employees informed for 150+ Weather Alerts in categories like:

Key Features:

Flood ▪ Wind ▪ Fire ▪ Hazard ▪ Winter ▪ Tsunami ▪ Marine ▪ Other Events ▪ Tropical ▪ Non-Precipitation

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