With real-time information on events, topics and trends, social networks have become the center place for extremely valuable information.

Beyond simply a means of broadcasting, many communities, businesses and organizations are looking to social media as a source for data that will enhance situational and operational intelligence to successfully manage incidents across the entire lifecycle of the event.

Situational Intelligence Creation

Social media networks are a prime source for information and situational intelligence that need to be leveraged for incident response.

Use Social Media View to increase real-time knowledge of escalating events and on-the-scene intelligence to create automated alerts for key terms, hashtags or users when they appear in social media. At the same time, avoid inaccurate and time intensive searches.

Chris Horne Assistant Vice President, Business Continuity Management and Corporate Security, CIBC Mellon
Everbridge has supported us by monitoring for potential threats and events and providing immediate, proactive situational awareness, potentially before the direct impact is felt or the first news reports are released.
Bob Falaguerra Vice President, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
As time has gone on, our employees have realized that unless they’re trained to react accordingly in a situation, the results could be devastating. We used Everbridge for our drills in the past, and we plan on using Everbridge in all of our drills for the future, too. We use the Everbridge system in such a variety of scenarios, and it works for every situation we are faced with. I think it’s a great system.

Crisis Communication Support

When a crisis occurs, many organizations and businesses look to social media for help in accessing the situation.

With Social Media View, monitor important social media sites in real time and automate notifications in alignment with the key information being tracked.

Operational communications improvement

Many businesses and organizations are reactive to issues reported on social media.

Be proactive vs. reactive and plan crisis communication strategies ahead of time. Set up alerts based on proximity, severity, and type of incident leveraging tools like NC4 and Geofeedia.

James Green Business Continuity Program Manager, PSCU
We see Threat View as a huge value add for us in terms of having a variety of alert types in our arsenal.
Jennifer Castro Communications Director, Anchorage Police Department
Social media is another way that Anchorage PD connects and builds relationships with the residents of the community. Nixle Community Engagement® integrates with our department Facebook and Twitter accounts which makes it easy to publish a message to social media.

Social Media Feed Utilization

Real people all over the world are plugged into social media and have the ability to act as a first-hand witness when a situation occurs. Organizations need to leverage these individuals to improve incident response.

Tap into social media communications with Social Media View by subscribing to inbound data feeds, such as Twitter, in order to gain real-time processing, analysis and geo-mapping of content.

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