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Visualization and Orchestration for Managing Critical Events

Visual Command Center is the leading command center software to protect people and assets and keep businesses running. It provides powerful visualization and orchestration for managing critical events used in organizational functions such as security, business continuity, supply chain and operations to mitigate or eliminate the impact of risk.

Gain a Common Operating Picture

Improve Command Center Efficiency and Eliminate Information Silos with Visual Command Center

Response is slowed too often because security and operations teams are forced to use multiple disconnected systems including travel management, mass notification, incident management, and others. Organizational information, including traveler itineraries, employee and facility locations and supply chain data, is maintained by different departments in disparate silos. At the same time, information about threats are not easily integrated with information about where your assets are.

Visual Command Center allows you to integrate asset and threat data into a common operating picture so that you can quickly identify critical events that may threaten life safety or cause business disruptions.

Bob Bernazal Assistant Director of Security, National Oil Varco
Visual Command Center empowers the GSOC to provide a credible voice from security to our overall business development plan. Our team and its overall understanding of our operational environment are essential to ensuring the continuity of operations, safety of employees and security of assets.
Joe Brown Director Global Security and Safety, VMware
Visual Command Center dramatically increases our ability to manage risk and protect our people and operations from threats on a global basis.

Achieve Situational Awareness

Poor Situational Awareness Delays Response to Operational Risks

Analysts are in the dark while trying to stay current on day-to-day events and major disasters as they develop across the globe, and information is not easily shared with key stakeholders throughout your organization. Without an understanding of an unfolding event, or situational awareness, response to these critical events – the type that impact your people, assets, operations, IT systems and brand – is delayed, leaving your organization vulnerable.

Gain a complete and shared boots-on-the-ground understanding of critical events your organization faces so that operations can effectively manage day-to-day challenges and respond to disasters when they arise with Visual Command Center®.

Drive a Coordinated Response

Act faster and smarter in response to critical events

Once a critical event has been identified the appropriate stakeholders need to be notified and action plans executed quickly. Visual Command Center allows security and business continuity teams to locate, communicate with stakeholders and implement action plans from a common interface, significantly saving valuable time and making sure the appropriate action is taken the first time.

As the situation changes, Visual Command Center allows you to collaborate and communicate with key stakeholders through integration with incident communications and mass notification.

Visual Command Center’s integration with incident communication and mass notification ensures that during a critical event, no time is wasted getting the right message to the right people.
Mike Howard Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Global Security
Visual Command Center from IDV Solutions is essential to maintaining our security mission, from routine day-to-day local operations to crisis management at our facilities worldwide, making a real impact on our ability to keep our people safe.

Maintain Business Continuity

Ensure Continuity of Operations and Minimize the Impact of Operational Risks

Improve business resiliency by making more responsive decisions supported by a visual up-to-the minute picture of operations from a risk perspective. Support efficient and effective incident response by detecting risks earlier and leveraging powerful tools that support quick assessment and action to minimize the impact with Visual Command Center®.

Manage Supply Chain Risk

Improve Supply Chain Risk Management to Minimize Disruptions

Visual Command Center® for Supply Chain empowers you to improve supply chain risk management by monitoring for risks to your global supply chain from end-to-end and providing the tools needed to proactively respond when risks occur.

Know early and be able to assess risks to your supply chain quicker, giving you more options that come at a lower cost as you take action to avoid disruptions.

If you’re better prepared to respond to risk events than your competitors, supply chain risk can become an opportunity for competitive advantage and differentiation

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