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Population Alerting

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Reach international mobile populations on a company, regional or whole country scale. Alert residents, travelers, and visitors based on their proximity to risks or eventsPopulation Alerting is a multi-hazard, multi-channel, scalable platform which can be used by disaster management agencies or by private entities to reduce disaster risk by timely dissemination of accurate information. 

Everbridge Population Alerting has been trusted and deployed by more national governments across the world than any other solution, including Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Cambodia, and the coastal states in India.

Traveler Alerting

Use the location based alerting capabilities of Population Alerting to warn citizens traveling to, or currently visiting, countries or regions where an incident has occurred with two-way SMS messages to confirm people’s safety and help them locate:

Embassies  •  Emergency Shelters  • Red Cross •  Local Authorities


Resident Alerting

Everbridge Population Alerting leverages existing telecom infrastructure to reach everyone within a geographic area to:

  • Reduce disaster risk by timely dissemination of accurate information by authorities
  • Coordinate first responder communication for effective deployment during emergencies
  • Analyze disaster communication effectiveness and citizen response for subsequent mitigation activities

Multi-Channel Alerting

Address-based and group alerting are available in order to distribute messages using geo-coded national address registers or address registers of companies, as well as for first responders and emergency preparedness organizations to manage one- and two-way communication. Population Alerting notifications through:

Location based SMS • Cell broadcast • Mobile push notifications •  SMS •  Voice • Email • CAP compliant for: Sirens; TV; Radio; Electronic Display Boards

Intuitive, Easy to Use Interface

Designed for ease of use and speed, Population Alerting includes: 

  • Web based user interface that needs no installation or setup
  • Comprehensive dashboard with alert summaries and templates
  • Secure yet simple – step-by-step alert sending process with overview and two-factor authentication
  • Multi-language support
  • Supported on multiple operating systems and devices

Multiple Agencies, One Platform

Flexible deployment model:

  • Create and manage multiple organizations and role hierarchies to accommodate multiple emergency response units and agencies under a single platform
  • Agencies of a certain district can only access map areas within their jurisdiction while alerting
  • Leverage directory-based alert to coordinate first responder units more effectively