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Achieving Best in Enterprise Resilience™ is a Competitive Differentiator

The Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification programme affirms your organisation’s readiness to manage critical events across a number of domains.  These include keeping people safe, maintaining business continuity and operational uptime, optimising supply chain and supply routes, advancing the interconnectivity, efficiency and safety of smart buildings and the internet of things (IoT), and safeguarding an organisation’s brand and reputation through resilient and responsive IT systems in an increasingly virtual world.

find out how to be the best in enterprise resilience

Developed from 20 years of professional services engagements across tens of thousands of projects in over 150 countries and facilitating tens of billions of critical interactions, Everbridge’s proprietary CEM Standards FrameworkTM and related certification process offer organisations an end-to-end methodology for evaluating and benchmarking enterprise resilience preparedness. Businesses who achieve CEM CertificationTM status follow proven industry best practices for enterprise resilience to keep their people safe and organisations running, faster.

Excellence in Critical Event Management 

In today’s world, business resilience is no longer optionalIn fact, according to Gartner, “Predicts 2021: Organizational Resilience” by David Gregory, Roberta Witty, Ron Blair and Katell Thielemann (4 January 2021), “By 2025, 70% of CEOs will mandate a culture of organisational resilience to survive coinciding threats from COVID-19, cybercrime, severe weather events, civil unrest and political instabilities.”

Every company possesses unique operational details – a combination of technologies, physical locations, supply chains and, most importantly, people – all of which are in constant evolution. A strong CEM programme helps organisations make better strategic data-driven decisions, enables and protects revenue streams, increases profitability through expense efficiencies, bolsters brand and reputation, drives operational improvements and fulfils Duty of Care.

Becoming Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certified provides organisations with the following benefits:

  • Benchmark performance against industry peers, including areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Improve resilience planning, budgeting and resource allocation
  • Drive strong return on investment through targeted initiatives
  • Demonstrate a commitment to enterprise resilience and duty of care, instilling trust among employees, partners, customers, and investors
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Formalise recognition at the organisational level for global leadership in enterprise resilience
  • Reward individual achievement via employee certifications on professional profiles


risk management planning for chief risk officer using critical event management

“In the 2020s, the aftermath of the pandemic and ongoing systemic risk will force every company to become much more resilient. In fact, we believe that resilience – the ability to deliver on your mission and vision regardless of any kind of crisis or disruption, be it extreme weather, political upheaval, cyberattack, or the next disease outbreak – will become a competitive advantage for those that embrace it as a core principle.” – Forrester, Business Resilience Is No Longer Optional, by Stephanie Balaouras – 12 May 2020


Validated Organisational Resilience and Digital Transformation Builds Trust  

Being a Best in Enterprise Resilience™ organisation gives employees, customers and stakeholders confidence that your company is operating from a position of strength, agility and resilience. Certified organisations met or surpassed benchmarks in key measurable areas, demonstrating their commitment to enterprise resilience across digital and physical domains. A strong CEM programme helps organisations make better strategic data-driven decisions, enables and protects revenue streams, increases profitability through expense efficiencies, bolsters brand and reputation, drives operational improvements and fulfils duty of care.


3 months. Based on analysis assuming a multi-billion-dollar, multi-national corporation looking at cash flow analysis (risk-adjusted estimates), the payback period of deploying the CEM platform is approximately months.” – Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact™ of Everbridge CEM Platform: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by a CEM Platform (with COVID-19 addendum, dated March 2021) 

How Does My Organisation Get Certified? 

Organisations are eligible for Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification after completing the CEM Certification Assessment. The assessment evaluates organisations using Everbridge’s CEM Standards Framework™.

BECOME Best in Enterprise Resilience™ CERTIFIED

The assessment is led by the Everbridge Professional Services team, which has provided over 500,000 hours of consultation to thousands of customers over the past 20 years and has managed and supported the success of Critical Event Management programmes for many of the world’s largest and most advanced companies and institutions.

The CEM Assessment includes an orientation workshop, assessment interviews, an assessment report readout, and improvement activities. The assessment examines your organisation’s competencies across four categories and several dimensions, including:

  • Data & Analytics – Asset Data, Threat Monitoring, Reporting & Insights
  • Digital Transformation – Digitised Protocols, Integrated View, Scalable Cloud
  • Smart Process Automation – Process Orchestration, Automated Correlation, Response Activation
  • Communication & Collaboration – Location-based Communication, Massive Multimodal, Engagement & Collaboration

Certified companies receive a Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Assessment Report that showcases your strengths and provides benchmark analysis to demonstrate how your organisation compares to others. Best practices and improvement opportunities are detailed to provide a clear path for you to achieving top-tier leadership status in CEM.


The Validation You Need, The Recognition You Deserve 

Best in Enterprise Resilience™ Certification demonstrates that your organisation values safety and dependability, which increases trust and confidence in your organisation among internal and external stakeholders such as employees, customers and partners. Trust is a competitive differentiator. Being Best in Enterprise Resilience™ is proof of that trust. Join the ranks of companies such as Discover, Goldman Sachs, NBCUniversal, Dow and Alexion as a Best in Enterprise Resilience™ organisation, and stand out from the crowd.


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