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Enterprise IT Alerting

Gain Full Visibility and Control of Your Orchestrated IT Incident Response

The 2016 Cost of Data Centre Outages report from the Ponemon Institute quantifies the mean cost of an unplanned data centre outage at slightly more than $8,662 per minute. And the biggest opportunity to reduce the overall length of an outage and associated costs is to optimise IT incident communications.

Locate and Contact the Right People Anytime, Anywhere

  • Automatically identify who should respond for immediate response
  • Use pre-built message templates for error-free communications tailored to the different stakeholders
  • Quickly assemble war rooms with 1-click, pin-less smart conference bridges and ChatOps rooms
  • Use local caller ID in all countries for highest engagement

Never Miss a Critical Alert

  • Workforce on-call scheduling to know who’s available at all times
  • Automatically send multi-channel alerts until acknowledged
  • Automatically escalate alerts until acknowledgement
  • Self-service calendar and notification management for best efficiency

Fix Issues Faster

  • Use workflow automation to execute the known-issue remediation plan
  • Create multi-tool integrated steps to build end-to-end resolution plans
  • Approve changes from your mobile device for faster execution

Continuously Improve Response Team Efficiency

  • Track and record all response activities
  • Analyse performance by team, by area, by type
  • Keep track of resolution activities and conversations for compliance and post-mortem

Consolidate Your Notification and Alerting Solutions onto the Leading Enterprise Platform

  • Leverage the best reliability and availability service levels to ensure alerts are sent
  • Gain the highest levels of security certification and data protection
  • Rely on a platform that can meet current and future requirements


  • Resolve IT incidents faster
  • Reduce unplanned IT work
  • Eliminate alert fatigue
  • Increase accountability and reduce frustration
  • Streamline incident response across Service, Security, Dev and BC/DR Ops

What Does Everbridge IT Alerting Do?

IT alerting automates and streamlines the way IT communicates during major IT incidents to resolve issues faster and minimise their impact on the business. It provides consistent messages to the right IT experts and keeps all stakeholders and impacted customers informed on resolution progress.

Key Features of Enterprise IT Alerting

On-Call Schedules

Does your IT team still use a manual process to identify who is on call? IT Alerting helps you track who is on-call on each team, and alert the right people based on the type of incident, time of day, skill set required and location.

Smart Routing

Identify in real time the right teams and personnel based on who’s on-call, location, skillset, and more. Smart Routing technology offers multi-criteria based identification and on-call scheduling to identify the right teams and individuals to engage. Automated escalation will kick in if people don’t acknowledge in a timely manner.

Smart Channels

The technology gives a way to send 1-click invitation to join a collaboration channel as part of the targeted notification.

  • Smart Conferencing
  • ChatOps Collaboration

Smart Orchestration

Rapidly define and deploy a business process, including orchestration, and integration to a specific endpoint application for change, problem, and incident management

  • Define escalation rules based on negative acknowledgement and time thresholds
  • Determine which teams to engage based on type of critical event and business process
  • Launch complex response and notification scenarios to communicate and collaborate across teams, stakeholders and end-users
  • Automatically launch, monitor, and record conference bridges based on incident severity or business process

Self-Integration Platform (IPaas)

The API connector offers an easy and flexible way to ingest events and alerts from a variety of third party tools, such as ticketing systems, service desk systems, ITSM systems, event correlation systems, ITOM systems, APM solutions, and more. Then, events are turned into Everbridge incidents based on conditional logic.

Smart Analytics

Interactive dashboards give visibility and insights into incident response across all areas of IT. Smart Analytics provides incident response trends which is available by group, time or type to help continuously improve processes and assist managers with resource planning and optimising response times and SLAs. With interactive response timeline monitoring and early warnings, businesses can proactively ensure adherence to the organisational service level objectives.

  • Actively manage SLAs
  • Manage team capacity
  • Monitor group response performance
  • Assess incident trends

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