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Filling the gap between IT Event Detection and Incident Response for faster resolution

IT Alerting Integrations & Extensions

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Coordinate and Automate with IT Alerting Integrations

Integrate the tools and solutions you use to improve speed and efficiency. Using Everbridge IT Alerting you can trigger multi-modal targeted notifications from any ITOM, ITIM, SIEM, ITSM, event correlation or service desk system or workload automation solution. The range of integration techniques include the Everbridge self-service platform, email ingestion, RESTful APIs or our Out-of-the-box connectors.




Everbridge + ServiceNow

Turn Your ITSM System into a Smart IT Incident Response System

Everbridge’s IT Integrations

With two-way integration between Everbridge and our partners listed below, you can trigger conditional incident creation, and automatically send notifications to the right people, in an on-call schedule-aware fashion, through multiple modalities and delivery paths. Resolve incidents efficiently by launching conference-bridges or chat-channels, and escalate to senior personnel when needed.