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From compliance to resilience: Navigating the new landscape of critical infrastructure protection with Everbridge

By Eric Boger, Everbridge Vice President Risk Intelligence

The recent National Security Memorandum (NSM) on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience issued by the White House on April 30, 2024, outlines a strategic approach to safeguarding critical infrastructure against emerging threats and enhancing resilience.  

This NSM updates an 11-year-old presidential policy that underscores the importance of collaboration between US government agencies and private sector partners. It emphasizes a shared responsibility in mitigating risks and ensuring uninterrupted delivery of essential services, renewing the focus on protecting infrastructure assets. 

With Everbridge, your organization can leverage an advanced risk management and communication platform to support the objectives outlined in the NSM.  Providing real-time monitoring, automated alerting, and robust incident response capabilities, our solutions enable you to effectively identify and address potential threats, coordinate response efforts, and communicate crucial information during emergencies.

According to the NSM, “Federal, State, local, Tribal, and territorial regulatory and oversight entities have a responsibility to prioritize establishing and implementing minimum requirements for risk management, including those requirements that address sector-specific and cross-sector risks.” Everbridge critical event management (CEM) solutions provide minimum requirements and beyond for your organization to be compliant with policies and enhance your security and resilience. 

Supporting critical infrastructure security and protection requirements 

Everbridge can help in proactively planning your organization’s or agency’s risk mitigation strategy by: 

Alignment with regulatory changes 

  • The White House emphasis on establishing “minimum security and resilience requirements” within critical infrastructure sectors calls for a structured approach to compliance. Everbridge solutions are designed to adapt to regulatory changes, providing frameworks that help your organization meet new compliance demands efficiently. By leveraging Everbridge, your business, organization, or agency can ensure you are not only compliant with current regulations, but are also prepared for future amendments. 

Facilitating public-private collaboration 

  • The updated national security memorandum encourages an increased collaboration between public and private sectors. The Everbridge platform facilitates this interaction by enabling the sharing of critical threat data and response strategies, aligning with the government’s directive to foster a robust information-sharing environment. 

Enhancing resilience through integration 

  • In the wake of warnings about potential disruptions, resilience becomes a cornerstone of national security. Everbridge provides comprehensive and integrated risk management solutions, ensuring that your organization or agency can maintain operations even when critical events occur.  
  • The integration of Everbridge with agencies and government partners also strengthens the collective defense posture against evolving cyber and physical threats. By facilitating seamless information sharing and collaboration, Everbridge enhances situational awareness and enables proactive risk mitigation across the critical infrastructure landscape. 

Everbridge provides a risk-based approach that enables you to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and recover from critical events. Everbridge serves customers across public and private sectors, including transportation, energy, infrastructure, health care, government and federal agencies, among others. 

The Everbridge platform supports the implementation of the NSM’s critical infrastructure protection and security directives by providing innovative solutions that bolster the security, resilience, and continuity of critical infrastructure assets nationwide. 

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