Everbridge Solutions for Financial Services

Few industries are as regulated, monitored, and scrutinized as financial services. Even fewer can generate such a far-reaching and rapid impact when a crisis hits.


Magic Quadrant for U.S. Emergency/Mass Notification Services

Resiliency, accountability and compliance aren’t just buzzwords, they are the words you live by. The ability to quickly communicate with and mobilize your employees underpins your ability to maintain an institution that’s resilient, accountable, and compliant. That’s why leading financial services organizations from around the globe rely on Everbridge technology to provide employee communication that transmits vital information, and allows your staff to safely handle whatever crisis comes your way, whether it’s life, financial, or privacy threatening. Everbridge provides interactive communication and mass notification solutions that help financial services organizations increase connectivity to staff, clients and stakeholders, mitigate the impact of incidents on their most important assets and meet the data protection regulations for domestic and international operations.


Everbridge Key Features for Financial Services
  • Global technology and language support
  • Front line expertise
  • Cloud delivery capacity with near-Infinite scale
  • Data protection & accuracy
  • Native mobile applications with full graphical reporting
  • Configurable call throttling settings
  • Message confirmation receipts
  • Interactive polling
  • Instant conference bridge
  • Detailed broadcast reporting


Organizational Resiliency

Whether you call it organizational resiliency or business continuity, your organization must be ready to respond to incidents and recover quickly when they occur. For financial services, organizational resiliency means meeting Recovery Time Objectives for key activities such as settling trades and closing the books for the day – even when there’s a hurricane raging outside your doors. For retail banking, organizational resiliency may be the ability to quickly alert branch personnel during weather emergencies to ensure safety measures are followed and staffing needs are met.

Employee Accountability

One of the best ways to ensure employee accountability is to equip them with the information and the tools that will help them respond to a situation. That means making sure that the right people are notified about a situation, and that they know what to do next. During life-threatening emergencies, many financial institutions spend hours just trying to get their bridge lines straightened out and locate their employees. With Everbridge, accountability means keeping track of and accounting for employees during an emergency situation; wherever they are.

Compliance Services

Financial services organizations face myriad government and industry regulatory requirements. With Everbridge, you can easily schedule emergency system tests that demonstrate to your auditors that your system works, and that you’ve met the threshold for response. With Everbridge, whether the notification was “an emergency broadcast” or just a test, you’re provided with real-time confirmation data and full audit-trail reporting, showing a history of communications, delivery attempts, and recipient acknowledgements.

Use Cases for Financial Services

Improved Employee Protection and Accountability

Keep employees out of harm’s way by rapidly notifying them about severe weather, fires, gas leaks, and other incidents. Interactive polling enables you to account for and report on the whereabouts and safety of employees.

Global Communications Support

The Everbridge system allows you to reach and communicate with your global audience. The system supports multilingual call prompts, in addition to text-to-speech capability. Everbridge provides standard language support, at no additional cost, for English (US and UK), Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin American and European), Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, and Swedish. Importantly, Everbridge allows you to initiate calls from wherever in the world as a local call to the end recipient, reducing costs, improving call quality and ensuring international data protection laws are followed.

Enterprise Business Continuity

Automated emergency system testing, crisis communications—including polling, employee accountability and availability, emergency operation center notifications, pandemic preparedness, executive/instant conferencing, quota filling, enterprise awareness, and support for important customer communications.

Corporate Security

Ensure all employees are informed about potential risks to security protocols and regulations. Send messages to your organization for improved executive protection, corporate events, facilities, assets, and risk mitigation.

IT Service Continuity and Recovery

When a mission-critical system application is interrupted, your service level agreements are at stake. Allow the Everbridge system to contact designated team members via phone, email, SMS text messaging, instant messaging, pager, and more based on their preferences to improve the likelihood of attending to the application interruption. If team members do not respond, the Everbridge system intelligently escalates the notification to the next appropriate person in the chain of command to ensure immediate response.

Critical Operations

Communications central to banking, trading floor operations, electronic trading disruptions, or any other operational disruptions affecting the positive flow of funds and/or revenue generation.

Response Team Dispatch and Management

Notify and assemble incident response teams. Use polling to determine people resource availability and reporting times. Leverage conference calls to brief the team and determine next steps.

Regulatory Compliance

Everbridge enables business continuity communications required to fulfill compliance, audit, and regulatory obligations such as NASD 3510 and Sarbanes-Oxley. In addition to automated incident notification, Everbridge provides real-time confirmation data and full audit-trail reporting featuring a history of communications, delivery attempts and acknowledgements from recipients.