Incident Management

Consistent, Error-Free Messaging for All Types of Incidents

Every day, operational issues impact productivity and revenue, cause production slowdowns, delay responses to time-sensitive issues, impact client satisfaction, and require tracking for compliance purposes. Everbridge Incident Management allows organizations to automate their communications processes according to preconfigured rules. As a result this decreases costly human errors and reduces down time until a strategic resolution for critical response teams is developed while they simultaneously capture required compliance information.

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Error-Free Communications

The easy-to-use interface ensures the right incident communications processes are followed at the right time, and that clients are notified based on the type of incident taking place. Messages are consistent, error-free, and complete every time they are sent to responders and stakeholders.

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Form-Driven Templates for Communication

Simply select incident types and fill in the required information. The notification is sent to a pre-defined list of recipients.

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On-Call Scheduling and Escalation

Keep track of who is on call to alert the right people based on the type of incident and time of day. If nobody confirms the alert, it is automatically distributed to an alternative response team.

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Highly-Customizable Incident Communications

Incident Management can be configured to fit the needs of any organization with customizable variables and a separate incident response plan by location, line of business, or facility.

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Increased Visibility

Since incidents are often not isolated and frequently have a cascading effect, our Incident Management solution is designed to manage multiple events. Reports provide details on incident status using real-time dashboards.

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Extensive Incident Communication Tracking

Incident Management provides real-time reporting and creates an audit trail for all journal entries, along with outbound notifications and acknowledgements by response personnel, for compliance purposes.