Business Continuity and Response

Most organizations have to deal with occasional business disruptions that can be costly and dangerous including natural disasters, security breaches, severe weather alerts, and even human error. To respond to these situations, you need the ability to communicate with response teams and provide regular updates to key stakeholders.

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How Can You Reach Contacts During an Emergency?

Rapidly notify employees, citizens, and key stakeholders about severe weather alerts, fires, power outages, gas leaks, chemical spills, acts of violence, and more.

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What Can You Do If You’re Away From the Office?

Keep key constituents informed during critical events with “on-the-go” incident management tools.

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Everbridge for IT Alerting

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How Can You Manage Incidents Without Error?

Assemble an emergency response team and alert public law enforcement agencies to situations with quick, easy-to-send pre-built push notifications.

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What Can I Do When Severe Weather Interrupts Business Operations?

Notify contacts about severe weather that could impact them with SMART Weather Alerting—through automated voice notifications, SMS, or push notifications.