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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

A note about communication and responsibility during a tragedy

With the tragic events in Paris over the past 24 hours, all of our thoughts are with our friends in France. It is truly a tragic day.


One of the things that organizations can do during these trying times is ensure social responsibility. I have worked for many organizations, and know that freeing up resources and making your services available in a crisis is the right thing to do.


As an example, along with contacting existing customers with a message of support and an offer of additional resources, Everbridge is acting responsibly. Our EMEA MD, Nick Hawkins, told me today that “Everbridge is here to help all individuals and organizations with presences in France as they navigate through this terrible crisis.” This is not the first time I have seen this. As a former Everbridge customer, I have seen the company be supportive during all types of events in the past.


When creating your crisis management plan, keeping social responsibility in mind and planning out what you will do will not only help the wider community recover, but will also motivate your employees.


Below is the service advisory from the Everbridge team, providing information on technical support and Live Operator services, as well as best practice materials to ensure delivery of notifications throughout this ongoing situation. A simple example of how to help.


In addition to the below, please do not hesitate to contact me at or if you need an additional resource to help you execute your continuity and communication plans.


Here is the formal advisory from Everbridge:


With the tragic events in France in the past 24 hours, Everbridge has added additional support resource to our Network Operations and Support Centers.


How can I reach Everbridge for immediate assistance in sending a notification?


Authenticated Everbridge users can send a standard or emergency notification by logging into the Everbridge Aware or Everbridge Suite solutions via a web browser or mobile application. This method of accessing the Everbridge solutions provides the most options and flexibility for sending notifications.


For emergency notifications, where access to the Everbridge solutions via a web browser or mobile application is not available, all users can call our Emergency Live Operator phone line and a representative will assist you in sending an emergency notification.


on call communications


What best practices should I follow to ensure optimal message delivery?


The following articles provide a brief overview of some of the best practices for optimal message delivery when utilizing Everbridge solutions: 



How can I reach Everbridge Technical Support for other non-emergency matters and communications?


Everbridge recommends utilizing our online Support Center to contact Technical Support. The Support Center can also be used to search knowledge articles, review service advisories, and access Everbridge University on-demand training. The Support Center is directly accessible from the Everbridge Suite Manager Portal by choosing “Help and Support” from the upper-right, then “Contact Support“.


For additional details on how to reach us, please visit


Andrew Woods is a consultant to Everbridge, and former customer while working for a global Fortune 500 organization


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