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Insights from Amazon Logistics & Whole Foods Market on preparing for severe weather events

Everbridge in the news: New York Times, Papal visit and more

Everbridge is always enthusiastic about contributing insights to local and national news media, but the past few weeks have been particularly busy, and have resulted in some opportunities to demonstrate our perspectives, and/or the functionality of our solutions.

Here is a look at some of the recent highlights, along with the most relevant excerpts. Lots of Nixle Community Engagement, IT Service Alerting and Emergency Notification best practices in action…

CIO Insight: “When CIOs Have a Failure to Communicate”

  • “CIOs have a responsibility to ensure that IT incident communication is a fluid process that resolves problems in the most efficient way possible. There’s been plenty of conjecture on why CIOs need to step up their visibility in the C-suite and get more hands-on with business strategy, but they must first be sure someone is there to answer a call when a tech issue is either preventing a worker from completing a task or a customer from completing a purchase.”


Philly.Com: “Parking restrictions tighten, streets transform, as Francis draws near” 

  • “‘If you are planning to attend this historic event, we encourage you to sign up for text alerts for the pope’s visit to get real time information of importance. Having peace of mind is part of enjoying the event,’ said Samantha Phillips, director of Emergency Management. To enroll, text “papalvisit” to 888-777. Messages concerning weather, emergencies, travel and traffic information will be sent out, Phillips said.”


San Angelo Live:San Angelo Police Credit Nixle and the Community for Locating Missing Children

  • “Gonzalez also stated that police conducted a door-to-door search of the surrounding area and nearby playground before the girls were located. Several neighbors and other citizens who received the Nixle alert assisted with the search efforts. Over the past few years, San Angelo Police have located several missing persons with the assistance of citizens who subscribe to Nixle.”

New York Times: “After One Campus Is Attacked, the Others Adapt

  • Mr. Mouline said an increasing number of colleges were asking for the ability to tailor messages depending on where students are on campus, using tracking software based on where students or staff check in to university wireless networks. “So, for example, I might send a slightly different message to the students who are in the building where I know the active shooter is,” Mr. Mouline said, “versus the students who are a mile away.”
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