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Everbridge increases its dedicated capacity by 200% in response to client growth

We are pleased to announce a major infrastructure expansion for our clients that feature a doubling of dedicated capacity with the addition of calling resources, and the use of advanced telephony optimization to support the company’s dramatic growth in 2011. We also announced the industry’s first “elastic infrastructure model,” which we will offer more details about in January.

This expansion supports Everbridge’s 100 million+ notifications per year for both emergency incidents and daily operational communications that keep over 25 million people informed about safety issues.

“Over the past nine years, Everbridge has experienced dramatic customer growth, which has spurred us to continually innovate and expand our communication infrastructure to ensure we can meet our clients’ growing notification needs, regardless of their size or complexity,” said Scott Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer of Everbridge.

Everbridge continues to be the preferred emergency and notifications solutions choice for business continuity professionals, Certified Emergency Managers, and public safety professionals worldwide.

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