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HIPAA Compliance Can Increase Revenue

HIPAA Compliance Can Increase Revenue

If you are a managed service provider (MSP) and you are not helping your clients learn about and comply with HIPAA, you may be missing out on a very profitable trend. Recently, many MSP’s have been using HIPAA assessments to gain business and engage their prospects more efficiently and thoroughly. The fact is, many of the companies you work with may want to comply with HIPAA yet have no real idea how to go about doing it. That’s where you can be an invaluable assistant. If you are interested in making this trend work for you and your patients, read on.


Let’s say, for example, that one of your clients is a data center that handles electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) for thousands of patients. EPHI is private patient-related information that is created, stored and often shared by and among healthcare professionals. Recent data breaches affecting retail, governmental and healthcare agencies have reinforced the importance of keeping all information about a person’s medical history, diagnosis, prognosis, medications and correspondence among physicians confidential. HIPAA’s security rule focuses on safeguarding the confidentiality, availability and integrity of this sensitive patient information. In light of the 2013 Omnibus rule, it is especially important that you, as a MSP, do all you can to tutor data centers such as this in obeying all aspects of HIPAA.


Specifically, the Omnibus Rule is particularly relevant to you because it has changed the way HIPAA applies to the regulations around HIPAA privacy, security and enforcement. For instance, now business associates and subcontractors of covered entities are directly liable and must comply with some aspects of HIPAA privacy requirements. Second, new modifications are required in a covered entity’s notice of privacy practices. Finally, enforcement rules are enhanced, especially when it comes to penalties and privacy breaches.


As a MSP, you can guide your clients toward HIPAA compliance, while simultaneously making a profit. Imagine the competitive edge you will have if you can show your clients that you have the know-how to see and correct their systems’ HIPAA compliance vulnerabilities. In other words, it is worth your while to take steps to ensure your own HIPAA compliance. Once you do that, you will be in an excellent position to help the clients and facilities with whom you do business to gain compliance themselves. By so doing, all of you will avoid the hefty penalties, not to mention blows to your professional reputation, that accompany a negative HIPAA audit.


To learn more about how Everbridge can help you and your clients stay HIPAA compliant, visit the HipaaBridge webpage.