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Accelerate clinical response at hospitals and health systems

Everbridge’s CareConverge for Hospitals allows care teams to coordinate multiple clinicians, technicians, and staff across multiple locations and schedules to respond to the needs of patients efficiently and effectively leading to increase response times, quality and patient satisfaction.

Patient care first

CareConverge brings clinical stakeholders together quickly to diagnose and treat the patient.

CareConverge allows you to begin working with a patient before they even arrive at the hospital. By using voice, text, images and video, clinical stakeholders can diagnosis the patient, share lab results, and treat the patient. Quickly send code alerts, coordinate care with clinicians, and speed patient transfers from exam room to lab or even inpatient floors or other facilities. Our triple-encrypted messaging system ensures that all communications are HIPAA-compliant

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Customer perspective

DHR Health

DHR Health highlights the importance of coordinated communications on patient satisfaction, managing capacity, accelerating response for stroke and STEMI patients, and ensuring HIPAA-compliant document transfer.

CareConverge can:

Reduce onset-to-treatment times for high-acuity cases

Improve physician consult times

Improve response team activation times and engagement

Reduce emergency department length of stay

Improve ED throughput workflows and communications

Optimize patient transfers with prehospital communication

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Beyond texting

Closed-loop, secure collaboration solution.

Unique, easy-to-use messaging tools enable clinician real-time communication and collaboration across multiple devices and modalities including video, text, voice, and images. Designed by clinicians to work the way clinicians do.

  • Multi-modal communication including image sharing, text messaging, video calling, push-to-talk, and group messaging
  • Mobile device and desktop access
  • HIPAA-compliant and auditable
  • Open network enabling you to communicate with clinicians outside your network

Dynamic care

Engage the right care team members at the right time in the diagnosis and treatment with:

  • On-call scheduling
  • Care event response escalation
  • User messaging for taking on-call shifts
  • Automatic shift rotation and assignable shift quotas
  • Scheduling integration via .ical/.ics
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Enhance the patient experience

Learn how Digital wayfinding—indoor GPS for hospitals— is helping redefine how patients, visitors and staff navigate a hospital campus with ease and reliability, playing a critical role in helping hospitals to:

  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Late and Missed Appointments
  • Improve Efficiency and Utilization of Staff
  • Guide and Inform to Keep Patients and Staff Safe


Clinical collaboration tools integration:

Leverage CareConverge’s built-in on-call scheduling solution or integrate with your current solution. Seamlessly integrate with other collaboration tools such as EHR’s, alarms, remote patient monitoring, lab and radiology results, and nurse call.

Healthcare enterprise integration:

CareConverge easily integrates into your current enterprise architecture including MDM (or leverage CareConverge’s built-in MDM capabilities, active directory integration, single sign-on support, integration with phone systems, pagers, and other communications infrastructure.

“Our people are satisfied with CareConverge bar none. This is the first time I have ever felt satisfied with our communication.”

Secure and HIPAA compliant

With security being of the upmost importance while dealing with protected health information, Everbridge takes the following measures to insure no data is compromised:

  • Triple encryption (in-transit, at-rest, and each conversation has own unique key) using RSA2048 and AES256; NIST compliant
  • Audit conversation history
  • Remotely wipe care team collaboration on mobile devices
  • Lock user care team collaboration accounts
  • Require care team collaboration passcode and configurable timeout
  • Configurable data retention term (default is 1 year)
  • SAML 2.0 SSO Integration
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Stroke response

CareConverge clinical case study

Learn how CareConverge provided the Mayo Clinic with a new technology to better respond to stroke victims and limit the long-term damage of a stroke.

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Better, faster care

Drives faster clinical response times and timelier patient care

Read how Doctors Hospital at Renaissance used CareConverge to provide more accurate and timelier patient care by taking advantage of best practice communication templates that pull the right people at the right time.

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