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Nixle in action: Avoid the jams! Get ahead of the commute with Nixle

Whether you are commuting to work or just running to the store, nobody wants to get stuck in traffic. It causes frustration, confusion and stress. It isn’t until you are stuck in traffic that you think of all the alternate routes you could have taken to be there already.

When residents are signed up for Nixle Alerts, public safety agencies have the ability to warn residents about traffic accidents, road closures and areas to avoid. You don’t have to be sitting at home watching the news to see what your commute will be like. Nixle agencies can send out advisory messages through SMS, email, web message and social media. With real time updates, you can plan out your best route and know what to expect before you get on the road.

Many agencies, such as the California Highway Patrol, are using Nixle to make ensure their residents safety as well as keeping them informed. When a full closure of the Golden Gate Bridge is planned, the CHP alerted residents in the area to the exact time and dates it will be closed, as well as to the other routes they can take, and encouraging them to take public transportation to avoid further congestion. They were also able to send out messages via SMS when the bridge was open once again. With planned events such as this, cities can give residents alternate routes and updates of changes. Whether it is a city parade or a marathon through the city, the community is informed and prepared of changes in advance.

NIA Traffic 1

California Highway Patrol alerting residents of road closures


Although communities like to be prepared, that is not always an option when it comes to traffic accidents. In Tennessee, the City of Brentwood sends out Nixle alerts when there is an accident that residents should be aware of. They list which roads to avoid, and how long they expect the obstruction to last. By having a real time alert system that residents get information straight to their phone, the city is able to not only keep their residents safe, but avoid making matters more congested by urging citizens to take alternate routes and to be alert at all times.

NIA Traffic 2


City of Brentwood, TN using Nixle for notifying residents of crash and road closure 


From planned events to unexpected ones, keeping residents informed is the best way to keep the town running smoothly and continuing with their daily routines. But remember, no texting and driving!


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