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Nixle in action: Creating safer cities through communication

NIA Creating Safer Cities through Communication

Over the past few years Farmington, Michigan has seen a decrease in major crimes. In the past 5 years, home invasions decreased by 45% and burglaries decreased by 81%. [1] Their success is attributed in part to the effective communication between law enforcement and residents.   Farmington police use Nixle to get information out to the public and ensure public safety, such as reminded residents to lock their cars to help decrease auto burglaries and other advisories.     The police department also sends residents information on the safe exchange zone they have created which is a safe space for people during transactions. They send also send out Nixle messages about upcoming Neighborhood Watch meetings to offer residents an opportunity to stay involved and contribute to the safety of their community.   Another community that uses Nixle, Cedar Grove, was recently placed on a list of top 100 safest cities.[2] By using Nixle, communities have a valuable resource that serves as a connection between law enforcement and residents. When residents receive alerts about criminal activity, such as in increase in burglaries or wanted suspects, they are more cautious and aware of their surroundings and can be proactive such as ensuring cars are locked, and looking out for suspicious activity.   The ability to share information instantly creates a safer community by building trust among residents and getting them involved. To ensure that you are signed up for important Nixle alerts, text your zip code to 888-777.     [1] [2]  

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