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Nixle in action: Keeping residents safe and informed during the Rocky Fire

Due to recent severe droughts and high temperatures, many communities in California are weary of wildfires. With so much dry vegetation over large areas, these fires can catch on rapidly as soon as they are sparked. In California, this unfortunate possibility has become a reality. Statewide, there are 23 fires burning.[1]

The largest of these is near Lake County. Named the “Rocky Fire,” it has already burned 68,300 acres in just one week. This wildfire is primarily in the wild lands, however multiple buildings have been damaged and many were completely destroyed. In fact, this fire has destroyed 40 homes and 50 other buildings to date and is still spreading.[2]

rocky fire nasa

NASA Image of the Rocky Fire

With many areas under mandatory evacuation, residents are in need of information as quickly as possible. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has leveraged Nixle to keep residents aware of the latest news regarding the fire. In addition, the County has shared logistical information updates, such as road closures, to areas under mandatory evacuation. Lake County is also frequently updating citizens about evacuation centers they have set up, including places residents can take their pets and livestock to stay safe.[3]

rocky fire nixle

Nixle Message from the Lake County Sheriff

This fire has been estimated to cost 20.3 million dollars.[4] Although this is a huge hit, the 3,000+ fire fighters that have been working to put the fire out have been successful in keeping the surrounding communities safe.[5] Although residents appreciate their temporary evacuation centers, they are eager to get back home.

The fire department is hoping to have the fire fully contained by August 10 and will keep residents informed of their progress. The Lake County Sheriff has been able to use Nixle to keep residents engaged and informed throughout the progression of the fire.

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