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Report: HIPAA Secure Messaging Not Used in 92% of Healthcare Institutions

HIPAA Secure Messaging Not Widely Adopted at Healthcare Institutionshipaa secure messaging


It is a widely known fact in the healthcare industry that communication about protected health information (PHI) is not to be transmitted via unsecured devices. However, a recent study conducted by Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc. found that 92 percent of healthcare institutions are not using HIPAA secure messaging.


“We are seeing a rapid adoption of mobile messaging in healthcare as the industry looks to work faster, improve patient care and reduce wasteful spending,” said Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence Solutions. “The problem is that many healthcare institutions are not aware that the messaging apps and services are popular for daily personal use do not follow the administrative, physical and technical safeguards that HIPAA requires.”


Furthermore, 51 percent of healthcare employees say that their organization does not offer an official HIPAA secure messaging platform, despite the fact that the majority have said it would make daily work-related communication easier.


HIPAA secure messaging is going to be a critical component of healthcare communication and colloboration moving forward, especially as the industry transitions from a volume-based to a value-based model. This type of solution can help replace old, out-of-date communication methods, which helps drive increased workflow efficiencies to improve productivity and patient outcomes, while reducing costs.


Learn more about Everbridge’s HIPAA secure messaging and care team collaboration application, HipaaBridge.


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