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"Virtual Health is the Future" Says Tomorrow's Doctors

The virtual health market is already on the rise, but according to a new survey, it could see an even bigger spike in the coming years. Medscape recently surveyed more than 1,700 medical residents in 24 specialties and found that 70 percent say they would have no problem consulting patients through virtual health technologies.


With tomorrow’s doctors more than willing to utilize virtual health to connect with patients, now is the time for hospitals to begin looking into these technologies. Utilizing virtual health technologies often comes with numerous benefits, including:


  • A reduction in high-risk readmissions – Everbridge research found 57 percent of clinicians believe at least 10 percent of high-risk readmissions could be prevented by coordinating post-discharge communications via virtual health and secure messaging.
  • Expand reach – Not all patients will live close to your hospital. With virtual health, you can conduct e-visits via a mobile device, rather than making a patient drive into the hospital for a half hour in-person visit.
  • Chronic disease management – Ensure that your patients with chronic illnesses are taking their medication and following other post-discharge instructions.


Discover more about how virtual health can enhance patient engagement by downloading this white paper, Improving Patient Engagement with Virtual Health.


And don’t forget about Everbridge’s care team collaboration and virtual health application, HipaaBridge.

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