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Webinar Preview – Meeting Secure Business Messaging Requirements with SecureBridge


The days of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) to work are here and as a result, so are the concerns that come with employee texting, group chat and use of consumer apps. Security risks run high especially for organizations in industries that handle highly sensitive and private information on a daily basis (healthcare, financial services, government etc.). 


According to

  • 95% of employees send work related information over their smartphones
  • 75% send sensitive or confidential information
  • Only 13% reported to have regulations limiting the use of texting for work related tasks


These statistics are particularly troublesome when you think about how simple it is to share data with one click.  A disgruntled employee can easily forward patient medical records, bank account numbers, resident addresses, social security numbers and other sensitive material with a simple tap of the “send” button. Or information can be shared unintentionally – a misplaced or stolen phone can find its way into the wrong hands; connecting to free, unsecure Wi-Fi services can put data at risk.


Today’s 24-7 business environment requires simple and secure mobile messaging – critical communication options that are easy-to-use and come with enterprise-grade features. 

securebridge app


Join Everbridge employees Meghan Hounshell, Senior Product Manager, and Travis Wilkins, Senior Director of Product Marketing, for our webinar on Friday, May 13th at 1:00 pm EDT.  Meghan and Travis will introduce us to SecureBridge, the industry leading, enterprise level, instant and secure messaging product, and will explain how this new application can serve as a secure contact path for emergency recovery, IT outage recovery, and executive secure communications.


Register today and discover how SecureBridge helps organizations prioritize safetysafeguard resources, and optimize business operationsSecureBridge: Enterprise Level Secured Communication When You Need It.