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Firemen sitting and discussing

IAEM 2023

International Association of Emergency Managers Conference which includes emergency managers from all over the world gathered to discuss industry trends and hear about new solution

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Analyzing Business Growth

Creation Finance rely on SnapComms to drive their employee engagement

By improving message delivery and providing greater confidence that staff are engaged with organizational comms, SnapComms is helping Creation Finance…

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Active Shooter Pan Education

Active shooter response plan for K-12

Advancements in technology can help keep K-12 schools safe by integrating systems and automating processes through a single common operating…

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Students On University Campus

Active shooter response plan for higher education

Advancements in technology can help keep educational institutions safe by integrating systems
and automating processes through a single common operating picture.

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Hurricane Michael Made Its Way Into North Carolina. Elements Of This Image Furnished By Nasa.

Hurricane Season System Check

Emergency managers prepare for hurricane season by planning evacuation routes, mapping surge zones, organizing shelter operations, and updating policies and procedures. How much...

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Evbg E911 (1)

Mass Communications from the West Milton Police Division 

“We used to use billboards. We used to do news flyers years ago. Those days have gone. Public officials need…

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Serious Girl In Winter Checking Mobile Phone

one2many helps the Dutch Ministry of Interior to innovate in public warning 

With public safety at the top of any government’s agenda, the Dutch Ministry of Interior realized that a modern public…

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Airplane Flying Over Air Traffic Control Tower

Everbridge Provides First Class Support to an Aircraft Manufacturer

“I work in security for an aircraft manufacturer, so my mission is to ensure employee safety. Everbridge has significantly contributed…

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India Safety

Public authorities across India partner with Everbridge to keep the population safe

Everbridge’s Previstar solutions are used in India and all over the world to help public authorities keep people safe before,…

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University Communications

American University relies on xMatters to maintain rapid incident response

When there is an incident of sufficient priority, impact, or urgency, this university makes use of the integration between ServiceNow…

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Food Services

Gordon Food Service Achieves less downtime and increased efficiencies with xMatters

The biggest feature is event alerting and the record retention. This way, if something goes wrong, we can provide a…

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