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Adapting to the storm: Perspectives on hurricane response from county, university, and military leaders

Event risk management solutions          

Prepare for emergencies and ensure events run safely.

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Ensure safety and success of large-scale events 

Large-scale events demand meticulous preparation and strategic coordination to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of all involved. Whether it’s a music festival, sporting event, or corporate conference, managing crowds, communication, emergency response, and resource allocation are paramount concerns. 

Everbridge provides tailored event risk management solutions like Mass Notification and Risk Intelligence to meet these complex challenges. 

Common challenges of large-scale event risk management 

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Predict unforeseen risks

  • Anticipate and prepare for unpredictable events such as natural disasters or acts of terrorism. 
  • Identify emerging risks that may not have been previously considered. 
  • Develop flexible response plans to address unforeseen challenges. 
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Coordinate multi-agency collaboration

  • Ensure seamless communication and coordination among multiple agencies and stakeholders involved in event management. 
  • Align diverse interests and priorities to develop cohesive risk management strategies. 
  • Overcome jurisdictional boundaries and bureaucratic obstacles to facilitate effective collaboration. 

Balance security with attendee experience

  • Implement robust security measures without compromising the overall attendee experience. 
  • Strike a balance between maintaining a safe environment and preserving the open and welcoming atmosphere of the event. 
  • Manage security procedures in a way that minimizes disruption and inconvenience for attendees while maximizing safety. 

Be prepared to meet the challenges of large-scale events with event risk management solutions

Everbridge event risk management solutions offer a range of benefits and features designed to enhance safety, security, and operational efficiency during events.  


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Enhanced safety and security:

Mitigate risks to ensure attendee, staff, and stakeholder safety. 

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Improved incident response:

Enable rapid, coordinated responses to emergencies, minimizing disruptions.

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Optimized resource allocation:

Streamline logistics for efficient personnel, equipment, and facility use. 

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Proactive event risk mitigation:

Identify and address risks beforehand to prevent issues. 

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Compliance and governance:

Ensure regulatory and industry standard adherence to reduce legal and reputational risks. 


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Event risk assessment:

Analyze risks comprehensively to identify threats and vulnerabilities. 

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Incident management:

Track and resolve incidents efficiently through a centralized platform for event crisis management. 

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Communication and alerting:

Distribute critical information to stakeholders in real-time. 

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Resource management:

Manage personnel, equipment, and facilities effectively, including scheduling and tracking. 

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Emergency response planning:

Develop and maintain plans for evacuation, medical emergencies, and crises. 

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Reporting and analytics:

Generate reports to track performance, evaluate responses, and improve processes. 

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How it works

The Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) platform offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring safety and security at large-scale events.

Through real-time risk assessment and analysis, event organizers can identify potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to the event environment.  

The platform facilitates instant communication with stakeholders via multiple channels, enabling swift dissemination of critical information and instructions during emergencies. With resource management capabilities, organizers can optimize the allocation of personnel, equipment, and facilities to support effective response efforts.  

Everbridge CEM serves as a centralized command center for incident management, allowing for coordinated response actions and continuous monitoring of event dynamics to ensure the safety of attendees, staff, and stakeholders. 

Comprehensive safety and risk mitigation for large-scale events 

These are just a few of the many benefits our customers have experienced when deploying Everbridge CEM at large-scale events:

  • A 50% reduction in emergency response times due to efficient communication. 
  • An increase in successful evacuations with no casualties reported. 
  • High satisfaction ratings from residents and visitors regarding the city’s handling of the emergency. 
  • Keeping hundreds of thousands of attendees safe with one solution. 
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Setting the stage for safe and successful large-scale events

During large-scale gatherings such as major sporting events, music festivals, and parades, ensuring the safety and security of participants, residents, tourists, first responders, and key stakeholders is paramount.

Watch our panel of experts as they share their first-hand experiences of navigating the complexities of large-scale event risk mitigation.

Event risk management FAQs

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What are risk management solutions? 

Risk management solutions encompass a range of tools and strategies designed to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks associated with large-scale events. These solutions—like those offered by Everbridge—often include technology platforms, protocols, and expert guidance to help organizations proactively address and minimize threats to safety, security, and continuity. 

How can organizations prepare for large-scale events? 

Organizations can prepare for large-scale events by conducting comprehensive risk assessments, developing robust contingency plans, coordinating with relevant stakeholders and authorities, and leveraging technology like Everbridge CEM to enhance situational awareness and communication. 

How can I simplify event risk management? 

Simplifying event risk management involves adopting integrated platforms that centralize data, automate processes, and provide real-time insights. Everbridge enables organizations to make more informed decisions, improve response times, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of their risk management efforts. 

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