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Prepare for emerging threats in 2024: Strategies for enabling business continuity

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Infographic: details from The Forrester Wave™️: process-centric AI for IT operations (AIOps), Q2 2023

Click here to read highlights from Everbridge’s placement in the recent The Forrester Wave™️: Process-Centric AI For IT Operations (AIOps), Q2 2023

Covid Vaccine Distribution

Vaccine distribution management for government

Attend this webinar to see how Everbridge Critical Event Management can address COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution.

The power of The Critical Event Management Platform

Learn about the four essential requirements for the platform powering our operational response automation system: Reliability, scalability, security, and support.

Client services – Your Everbridge experience

Everbridge’s Client Services teams are made up of highly experienced, credentialed professionals with years of boots-on-the ground incident communications experience. With every notification program we set up, Everbridge applies the knowledge and experience gained from helping more than 1,000 clients covering tens of millions of individuals worldwide launch mass notification initiatives and manage incidents.

Everbridge organizational hierarchy

Everbridge’s Organizational Hierarchy allows the ability to map a customer’s management and operating structure into multiple emergency notification environments.

Campus alerts

Everbridge Mass Notification® for Campus Alerts enables you to communicate with your entire campus community in minutes via all contact methods, including those most popular with students, such as text messaging, cell phones, smartphones, email, instant messaging, and social media.  This notification system is easy to implement and gets remarkable penetration.

Citizen’s sign up kit overview

The Everbridge Citizen Sign-Up Kit gives customers the tools they need to ensure a successful roll out of your mass notification system to your community. The Everbridge Citizen Sign-Up Kit includes source files for all of the following materials, enabling you to customize the text and drop in your own logos.

Everbridge professional services

Leveraging a proven methodology and domain expertise in mass notification, Everbridge 1,000 deployments worldwide. Everbridge Professional Services offerings address the unique challenges of your organizational structure, operational requirements, and training needs.

ROI for cities & counties

In today’s economic climate, government entities are tightening their belts and scrutinizing every dollar spent. Mass notification systems, like other software purchases, must meet stringent justification requirements, including the ability to mitigate human and financial risks, cut costs, and improve productivity and efficiency.

Urgent desktop

When communicating across your organization, sending critical information to your workforce quickly and effectively requires multiple delivery channels. Everbridge’s Urgent Desktop™ delivers alerts to your workforce’s computer screens in seconds; to ensure timely delivery, high visibility and optimal impact of your messages. Urgent Desktop delivers emergency notifications in a rapid and reliable way.

Airport operations

When your first responders are confronted with an active shooter, or in the event of an Alert, can your AOC initiate a response in seconds, and does this response follow your playbook 100% of the time? By automating all of your mass notification procedures and integrating with your existing sensors and alarms, Everbridge enables your team to communicate clearly and effectively with first responders, management, all badged personnel, and even frequent airport passengers via multiple contact methods.

Transit industry

In the event of a power failure or major flood, can you notify your employees and riders to ensure public safety, prevent panic, and maintain your reputation? How quickly can you contact all responders and coordinate resolution? From safety, security, and operations to disaster recovery, Everbridge provides a single mass notification system solution that facilitates rapid communication among targeted groups while reporting and tracking incidents across the organization.

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