At Everbridge, we believe good communication is good medicine. We take the tangle of communication systems in your hospital or healthcare facilities and integrate them into a better functioning system.  From finding nurse subs in minutes, to nearly instant notification if your EMR system goes off-line, we can improve work flows and provide impactful ROI, often saving hundreds of thousands of dollars to a mid-sized hospital. 


Emergency Notification and Response


Why do over 800 U.S. hospitals use Everbridge for their emergency notification system? Ease of use and system reliability are two top reasons given by our clients.  We provide: 

  • Pre-programmed incident management templates which allow message distribution in just a few clicks
  • Messages synched to scheduling so the right people get contacted at the right time
  • Real-time weather notifications during severe weather events
  • 99.99% up-time reliability guarantee
  • A communication system on par with FEMA, if civilian networks are down, Everbridge systems have federal clearance levels that allow our messages to still get through
  • A robust platform that can expand far beyond emergency notifications, let us talk to you about how to "give your mass notification system a day job." 

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IT Communications


Notifications of critical systems like EMRs are standard, but do you have a system that talks to everything emitting a signal in your hospital? Unlike corporations who have to worry about a copy machine, or a router, hospital IT staff have to worry about everything from refrigerators in the pharmacy to heart rate monitors on patient floors.  On top of the equipment juggling, everything that sends a ping is a possible entry point for cyberattacks. 

Everbridge can talk to you about: 

  • Reducing MTTK (mean time to know) so outages and downtimes decrease substantially
  • Coordinating schedules with IT staff, including escalations, so the right people are located as quickly as possible
  • A demo walk-through so you can see the speed of notifications -- from machine to human, or between staff for quick restoration


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Clinical Communications 


From reducing stroke door-to-needle time by over seven minutes, to managing ED surges, to eliminating staff scheduling concerns Everbridge's clinical platform can resolve issues that directly impact savings and revenue.  Reduce staff stress points and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.  We truly believe that good communication is good medicine. 

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Business ROI of a Robust Communication Platform 


Time and again our hospitals have come back to tell us of their cost savings.  It's not just that, reducing wait times for patients means more consults, less diverted patients, and better managed patient intakes, that adds up to real revenue.  In addition, clinical staff are happier, and patient satisfaction improves. 

We'd like to talk to you about: 

  • How a hospital can improve ROI through their Emergency Department 
  • How a hospital can improve ROI throughout the hospital system 

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