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Everbridge Announces Summer 2016 Release, Enhancing Automation and Relevancy in Critical Communications

BURLINGTON, Mass., July 27, 2016Everbridge, a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running, has unveiled the latest release of its critical communications platform and suite of enterprise applications. The Everbridge Summer 2016 Release features mobility, collaboration, reporting, mapping and workflow automation enhancements to help improve the way that corporations and government agencies communicate accurate and relevant information to the right audiences, on a wide variety of devices, during all types of incidents.


“The seasonal release of our platform and application enhancements demonstrate our commitment to helping Everbridge customers meet their evolving communication needs around personal safety, business performance and compliance,” said Imad Mouline, CTO of Everbridge. “The new release improves the speed, reliability, automation and predictability of critical communications in responding to increasingly severe, complex and frequent global threats and business incidents, ranging from active shooter situations to IT outages and cyberattacks.”

Summer Release enhancements include:

Better Workflow Automation for IT Operations and Incident Response Teams

Incident response teams typically have detailed communication and escalation plans and strategies that can be deployed in order to triage issues quickly and effectively.

New functionality in the Summer Release supports the ability for Everbridge Incident Management and IT Alerting users to notify multiple audiences with distinct, relevant messages in an automated and streamlined fashion, and includes:

  • A new Scenario Manager feature within Everbridge Incident Management which provides the ability to launch multiple incident templates simultaneously. Users can launch one incident to trigger distinct notifications and instructions to audiences that need to triage the issue and stay informed (e.g. employees and customers) and those that require real-time status updates (e.g. executives).
  • Improved On-Call Scheduling views (Day View or Staff Schedule View) enables users to quickly identify the on-call roster, in addition to their preferred contact paths.
  • New Schedule import feature enables customers to import iCal formatted calendars (e.g. Outlook, Google and Lotus Notes).

True Community Engagement for Events and Emergencies

The proliferation of mobile devices, social media channels and other communication options has challenged communities to find effective ways to reach residents beyond traditional landlines. To improve opt-in campaigns, Everbridge Community Engagement offers a variety of means for individuals to engage with public safety officials and notification programs, including event-based keyword opt-in and social media capabilities.

The Summer Release provides new Community Engagement application capabilities, including:

  • Community Engagement Dashboard so users can quickly gauge the effectiveness of their opt-in campaigns.
  • Engagement Quick Reports to easily visualize the opt-in statistics for both Community and Event Group subscribers.

Improved Accuracy and Relevancy

Through usability and performance improvements, the Everbridge critical communications platform is on track to support the delivery of over 1.5 billion messages in 2016. Everbridge customers are now sending a notification every three seconds on average, and the platform currently supports over 100 million total contacts.

As a result of continued efforts to improve user and contact experiences, the Summer Release includes:

  • Improved Map Performance allows users to quickly view contacts, buildings and other assets from a global level, down to street level.
  • New Member Portal Site Languages lets users select a language from a list of 15 options to localize their Member Portal experience.
  • New API Notification Reports and Incident Scenarios allow Everbridge to integrate with other internal systems.

Additional Summer Release capabilities focus on making it easier for companies and institutions to deploy Everbridge’s Secure Messaging applications, HipaaBridge and SecureBridge. Enhancements include Single Sign-On (SSO), quick registration options and the ability for organizations to limit staff communications to only their own internal organization on a private network.

About Everbridge:
Everbridge is a global enterprise software company that provides applications which automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and businesses running. During mission-critical business events or man-made or natural disasters, over 2,700 global customers rely on the Everbridge platform to quickly and reliably construct and deliver contextual notifications to millions of people at one time. The company’s platform sent over 1 billion messages in 2015, and offers the ability to reach more than 200 countries and territories with secure delivery to over 100 different communication devices. A broad set of applications enable businesses, universities, hospitals, agencies, states, cities and towns to address issues related to IT outages and cyberattacks, severe weather and man-made incidents, safety of traveling staff, and facilitate regulation-compliant messaging. Everbridge serves 8 of the 10 largest U.S. cities, 7 of the 10 largest U.S.-based investment banks, 24 of the 25 busiest North American airports, and 6 of the 10 largest global automakers. Everbridge is based in Boston with additional offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beijing and London. For more information, visit, read the company blog,, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.



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