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Everbridge acquires Infinite Blue

Everbridge Wins Platinum Homeland Security Award for Powering JARVISS, the U.S. Army’s Enterprise System for Threat Visibility

  • Everbridge recognized by security industry leaders for “Best Federal Government Security Program” at the 2021 “ASTORS” Homeland Security Awards

  • U.S. Army recently extended Everbridge a new contract to administer its comprehensive antiterrorism and force protection program to keep military personnel and facilities safe

BURLINGTON, Mass., December 1, 2021 — Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), the global leader in critical event management (CEM), today announced that the company’s JARVISS software solution won “Best Federal Government Security Program” at the 2021 Annual “ASTORS” U.S. Homeland Security Awards. The ASTORS honor distinguished government solutions that help keep the United States secure by delivering enhanced value, benefit, and intelligence to government, homeland security, enterprise, and public safety markets.

“We are proud to be acknowledged with an ASTOR Award for Best Federal Government Security Program,” said Mike Mostow, Everbridge’s Vice President of Federal. “Protecting our soldiers represents a privilege and a responsibility that we do not take lightly. As risks evolve and new hazards emerge, threat mitigation becomes much more nuanced and represents a command-level discussion. Everbridge’s unrivaled expertise in risk assessment and response empowers our federal government customers to reach full organizational resilience.”

Everbridge’s Joint Analytic Real-Time Virtual Information Sharing System (JARVISS) creates a premier global threat information sharing system that enables the Army to effectively identify and assess incidents and threats, in close proximity to military facilities, in near real-time. The platform accesses thousands of open source feeds across the globe – including social media, news reports, local municipality services, commercial business, and government sources –  as well as data from Everbridge’s Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC). The key to JARVISS’ success comes from a common operating framework – one unified platform where senior leaders, antiterrorism officers, law enforcement personnel, and emergency managers identify relevant risks and the assets that could be affected, and act to avoid or mitigate the impact of the threat on their people and facilities.

JARVISS primarily focuses on antiterrorism and other security threats such as active shooters and natural disasters that might impact Department of Defense (DoD) operations. In preparation for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, for example, the DoD deployed the National Guard from every state to secure Washington, D.C. from any potentially disruptive incident. The Guardsmen stayed at dozens of hotels across the city. To ensure that each hotel provided a safe environment during this Special Security Event (SSE), the Army utilized Everbridge’s RIMC to collect a year’s worth of threat data on crimes, shootings, and other dangerous incidents that occurred in the vicinity of the hotels, aggregated the findings in a report, and used the information to determine the safest locations for the troops. Based on the data, the Army’s Office of the Provost Marshal General (OPMG) then vetted each hotel before approving the final selections.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, JARVISS also provides support for ongoing threat analysis of the pandemic, giving Army commanders and other DoD users critical insight into the impact of COVID-19 to global operations across 400 military locations in 70 countries.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Army signed a new three-year contract extension with Everbridge. The Army joins more than 80 Federal agencies supported by the Everbridge CEM platform including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the General Services Administration, the Departments of Commerce, Energy, Interior, Justice, and Health and Human Services, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Cancer Institute, and the Peace Corps.

About Everbridge

Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG) is a global software company that provides enterprise software applications that automate and accelerate organizations’ operational response to critical events in order to Keep People Safe and Organizations Running™. During public safety threats such as active shooter situations, terrorist attacks or severe weather conditions, as well as critical business events including IT outages, cyber-attacks or other incidents such as product recalls or supply-chain interruptions, over 6,000 global customers rely on the Company’s Critical Event Management Platform to quickly and reliably aggregate and assess threat data, locate people at risk and responders able to assist, automate the execution of pre-defined communications processes through the secure delivery to over 100 different communication modalities, and track progress on executing response plans.  Everbridge serves 8 of the 10 largest U.S. cities, 9 of the 10 largest U.S.-based investment banks, 47 of the 50 busiest North American airports, 9 of the 10 largest global consulting firms, 8 of the 10 largest global automakers, 9 of the 10 largest U.S.-based health care providers, and 7 of the 10 largest technology companies in the world. Everbridge is based in Boston with additional offices in 25 cities around the globe. For more information visit

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