When an incident happens, whether it’s a public safety threat or business incident, you need to get the right messages, to the right people, as quickly as possible.

Everbridge combines a user-friendly interface with robust administration capabilities, including reporting and data management. This provides self-service system configuration and a clear view into the performance of each broadcast, so that you can make improvements where needed.

Optimize Notifications with Real-time Data Analysis and After Action Reports

No two events are exactly the same for any organization; you need to alter the way you communicate depending on the situation.

Every incident communication strategy—even the incident planned for well in advance—has room for improvement.

Everbridge allows you to uncover those areas for better after-action reviews, continuous improvement, and regulatory compliance. Everbridge offers powerful and accurate analysis capabilities in real-time, so you can make quick changes to your communications strategy to improve outcomes.

Chris Horne Assistant Vice President of Business Continuity Management and Corporate Security, CIBC Mellon
Our analysis actually altered the way we conduct our planning. Originally, when we implemented the program, we only had access to available work cell phone numbers, as well as home numbers and work contact information available in the system. After a few rounds of tests, we realized our typical baseline response was approximately 60 per cent. We knew we needed to do better. By making the personal cell phone option available to employees, we saw an improvement to better than 80 percent response rate on communications.
Key Features

Notification Summary shows the count and type of notifications sent during a time period.

Event Analysis shows a summary of information across the notifications that are part of an event. .

The Detailed Notification Analysis report shows a summary of call, SMS and other delivery path information for a notification for each contact.

Escalation Summary reports show what escalations occurred during a notification.

Outside Geo-Fence reports compare all addresses in your contact records to the defined geo-fence enabled for your organization.

Community Subscribers report shows a summary of opt-in subscriptions across your entire jurisdiction or a City/Town, County, or ZIP code within your jurisdiction.

Event Group reports show keyword subscribers within your community or organization.​

Incident Reports consolidate all the incident information into a PDF-formatted report that you can download at any time. The report displays all the incident communication history in forward-chronological order. The consolidated report enables your organization to review the outcome of the incident with other stakeholders, collect feedback from all stakeholders, improve your communication plan, and/or provide compliance information to regulators.

Vanessa Fineis Business Continuity Management, Jackson National Life Insurance
We do utilize reports that are provided by Everbridge. We’re able to track which employees actually received a notification, and if they didn’t, we can reach out to their management team so someone can call them manually. When you have 5,000 associates, it is nice to be able to rely on Everbridge to send all mass notifications without relying on a long manual process.

Custom Reports to Uncover Areas for Improvement

Stand reports can only answer so much about program. Occasionally, teams will want to dig in to the data to identify areas for continuous improvements or determine who is, or is not, responding to notifications.

Apply filters to limit the report to only the details in which you are interested. Choose only the fields that you want to report on and apply multiple filters to access the right details.

Simplified Data Management

One of the most important elements of any communications plan and system is the accuracy of your contact data. Keeping that data up to date can be a full-time job.

Everbridge provide multiple methods for data management options and suggested best practices for:

Building your Contact Data Strategy
How many people will you be contacting with the Everbridge system?
Is contact data stored in internal systems such as HR and ERP systems?
How often will you add, delete, or update member contact data?

Data Management Options Include:
Manual Entry ▪ CSV Upload ▪ Secure FTP ▪ Zipcode Opt-in ▪ Keyword Opt-in ▪ Opt-in Member Portal ▪ Contact API Integration.

James Green Business Continuity Program Manager, PSCU
We took a couple of key strategic steps that enabled us to have a successful implementation. First, we purchased the API and connected our HR platform to the Everbridge system. We wanted to make sure that our employee information was pushed automatically so we decided to go live only when there was an automatic feed in place.
Mark Petrone Environmental Care Safety Officer, John Dempsey Hospital
The evolution of Everbridge has been a big help to our industry. We can provide our patients with the quality care that they deserve, and communicating critical messages back and forth to staff and outside healthcare stakeholders provides us with a more efficient communication system. The ability to share information and resources with everybody in the region, and within the state, is a huge benefit to everybody.

Build System Controls to Meet Your Needs

Depending on the day or time, you may have different people utilizing your system.

You must be confident that all users can perform the tasks needed for a given scenario. Rest assured, you can manage settings, limits and defaults through our comprehensive, yet user-friendly administrator interface.

Key Features

Role Types include: Account Administrator Organization Administrator Incident Administrator Group Manager Dispatcher Data Manager Mass Notification Operator Incident Operator

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