At Everbridge, we believe "good communication is good medicine."

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We back-up that phrase with a comprehensive clinical solution. CareConverge pulls together multiple communication needs into one package perfect for the hospital or healthcare clinical environment.

Coordinate Staff

Coordinate with clinical staff in seconds for all-hands clinical emergencies as well as day-to-day communications such as shift coverage and patient transitions.

Coordinate testing and lab results all in one place based on the patient, bringing together clinical staff from labs, the ED, and patient floors to facilitate patient care.

Brian Maguire Business Continuity Analyst, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Everbridge is also utilized to send code alerts during emergencies. In CHOP’s cardiac center, there’s a specialized response team that is notified this way. This is the team that actually brought in Everbridge to CHOP on a local level before we expanded it up to the entire organization. Their initial business requirements were for confirmation of message and device escalation – two things that Everbridge does very well. That goes the same for any other type of medical emergency code paging throughout the institution.
Carole Snyder PIH Health
Having the mobile application on my iPhone is also nice. We can message out from anywhere in the building, anywhere in the city and from home. We have even been able to trigger a Code Triage from home using the mobile app.

Optimize Patient Transfers

Seamlessly integrate off-hospital consults using on-call schedules to get the right person at the right time, all HIPAA-compliant.

Physicians can use text, video, and review lab results -- all remotely. Facilitate patient transfer to inpatient floors or for testing. Facilitate patient deferment during periods of heavy ED surge.

Improve ED Throughput

Improve Emergency Department throughput to improve patient care and patient outcomes and reduce the number of people who leave without being seen.

Evaluate patients while they are on the way to the ED via video, text, or voice. Streamline patient care by creating groups with clinical stakeholders simultaneously tracking results. Physicians stay in the loop to quickly choose treatment options.

Ronaldo Montmann Vice President of Information Technology, Broward Health
Simply put, HipaaBridge allows us to text, video chat and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals using their preferred mobile devices—without violating any privacy or security mandates. Finally, we can give our doctors something they're delighted to use, while meeting our strict regulatory guidelines. This is the simplest, most popular and efficient communications tool we've ever had the pleasure of offering.
Gartner 2016 “Hype Cycle for Real-Time Health System Technologies”
We believe that Crisis Management will go beyond communication and coordination activities associated with classic emergency scenarios to address the operational challenges within the hospital that impact the effective delivery of care. Already, some vendors ….such Everbridge, offer limited clinical communications and collaboration capabilities.

Patient Care Comes First

Everbridge’s CareConverge brings clinical stakeholders together quickly to diagnose and treat the patient.

CareConverge allows you to begin working with a patient before they even arrive at the hospital. By using voice, text, images and video, clinical stakeholders can diagnosis the patient, share lab results, and treat the patient. Quickly send code alerts, coordinate care with clinicians, and speed patient transfers from exam room to lab or even inpatient floors or other facilities. Our triple-encrypted messaging system ensures that all communications are HIPAA-compliant.

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