Everbridge 911 Connect

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Better Together

Through a strategic partnership with RapidSOS, Everbridge’s CEM for Public Safety solution is now RapidSOS Ready.

What is Everbridge 911 Connect?

Everbridge 911 Connect enhances your jurisdiction’s ability to demonstrate a commitment to keeping people safe, while providing instant access to an enhanced database of over 250 million verified nationwide contacts.

When a 911 phone call is made, Everbridge 911 Connect will provide the operator with critical caller information for a faster emergency response.

How Everbridge 911 Connect Works

When an emergency occurs and a 911 call is placed, Everbridge 911 Connect follows the Critical Event Management integrated approach by assessing, locating, acting and analyzing inbound 911 calls from any device into a PSAP:


Locate the 911 caller quickly with geocoded location data through our current resident connection data of over 250 million verified residential and business landlines, VOIP phone lines and wireless phones across the United States.


Everbridge 911 Connect provides secure access to PSAP’s into the Everbridge data ecosystem (Organization Contacts, Resident Connection ~250 million verified residential and business contacts, Registered Opt-In) for delivery of enhanced life safety data at the time of a 911 call.


Capture additional life safety information on a national level through a citizen opt-in database used for all jurisdictions. Including enhanced data for special needs, mental health registrations, memory impairment and autistic individuals.


Visualize a caller’s exact location with additional life safety data within Everbridge mapping technology. Providing immediate access to contextual factors with the ability to see real-time and historical 911 call information within the Everbridge Critical Event Management platform.

Everbridge 911 Connect provides the public safety alerting authorities the critical information they need to respond to and provide the required emergency response to keep people safe and businesses running.