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Next Generation 911

Everbridge 911 Connect

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Better Together

Through a strategic partnership, Everbridge is now RapidSOS Ready. We are committed to sending life-saving emergency intelligence data to first responders to empower safer, stronger communities.

What is Everbridge 911 Connect?

Everbridge 911 Connect, a RapidSOS Ready solution, provides Emergency Call Centers (ECC) or Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) with otherwise inaccessible life-saving, incident-specific information about the caller, regardless of whether the call comes from a mobile, landline, or a VoIP phone.

What is the RapidSOS and Everbridge 911 Connect Joint Solution?

RapidSOS Ready PSAPs and ECCs can automatically receive a911 caller’s device location and available additional information connected to their phone via Everbridge 911 Connect through the RapidSOS Portal. Additional information may include the caller’s name, address, associated contacts, and other critical information that can help accelerate emergency response and improve effectiveness.

woman dialing 911

911 Calls in a Digital World

The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) estimates over 240 million calls are made to 911 each year in the US. 80% or more of those are from wireless devices in many areas. Public Safety dispatchers need to quickly determine the callback number, location, and nature of emergency. However, these critical details can be complicated if a person is on a mobile or VoIP phone or cannot communicate verbally. Current emergency and opt-in databases don’t account for today’s mobile and VoIP phone adoptions. Everbridge 911 Connect can help provide instant information for US mobile, landline, and VoIP phones not possible through other services or databases.

94 Percent

Average 94% of Calls within
50 Meters of Ground Truth

265 Million across U.S.

Access to 265+ Million
Mobile, Landline, and VoIP Phones in Use

Next Generation 911 (NG911) Tools

When a 911 call comes in, dispatchers need the right tools at their fingertips to verify the caller’s identification, their location, and the nature of the incident as quickly as possible.

This isn’t an easy task, especially when attempting to verify multiple pieces of vital information during periods of high call volume. With RapidSOS and Everbridge, leverage powerful next generational 911 (NG911) tools for:

Rapid SOS UI

Situational Awareness

Gain real-time information on one centralized dashboard for all emergency data.

Enhanced Contact Information

Instant access to additional information to help verify caller and other associated contacts faster and with higher match rates.

Live Location Data

See the location of an emergency call and even the movement of mobile phones to pinpoint the dispatchable location with more confidence.

Everbridge 911 Connect provides 911 professionals the critical information they need to respond to and provide the required emergency response to keep people safe and organizations running.