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“Everbridge allowed us to consolidate our platforms and standardize our approach to activating high acuity alerts for all our special patient populations including stroke, cardiac, sepsis, and trauma activations.  The reliability and simplicity of the platform increase safety by ensuring messages reach the staff quickly and consistently.”

– Erik Swanson, Renown Health

Bringing acute inpatient care home with well-coordinated, accurate communication.

MLC Life Insurance is one of Australia largest insurance companies, serving customers for more than 135 years. MLC Life insurance offers a wide range of life insurance options to their 1.2 million customers, from total life coverage to critical illness, total and permanent disability, and more. As an Everbridge customer, MLC Life Insurance relies on Safety Connection and Crisis Management to keep their employees safe and informed during crises.

Sharp HealthCare is San Diego’s leading healthcare provider, with approximately 2,700 affiliated physicians and over 19,000 employees working for patients and their families. With this much responsibility, they turned to xMatters to save valuable time in communicating, paging, integrating disparate processes, and driving the success of their major incident management processes.

By improving message delivery and providing greater confidence that staff are engaged with organizational comms, SnapComms is helping Creation Finance position itself for future growth.

“We used to use billboards. We used to do news flyers years ago. Those days have gone. Public officials need something in place to communicate with the residents in their community—for all events, not just emergencies. That’s why we moved to Everbridge.” 
Doyle Wright, Chief Police at West Milton Police Division

With public safety at the top of any government’s agenda, the Dutch Ministry of Interior realized that a modern public warning system was essential for the safety of its citizens.  With one2many’s Cell Broadcast System, it found a solution that met all of its requirements. 

“I work in security for an aircraft manufacturer, so my mission is to ensure employee safety. Everbridge has significantly contributed to that objective.” Security Professional, Aircraft Manufacturer

Everbridge’s Previstar solutions are used in India and all over the world to help public authorities keep people safe before, during, and after critical events.

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