The 2017 hurricane season is one for the record books:

  • Most rainfall dropped by a single storm (Harvey, 51.88 inches of rainfall near Highland, Texas)
  • First time two Category 4 hurricanes have made landfall in the US in the same year (Harvey and Irma)
  • First time two hurricanes had wind speed of 150+ mph at the same time (Irma and Jose)
  • Longest lasting powerful hurricane or typhoon ever recorded (Irma, 185-mph winds for 37 hours)

Severe weather such as this put millions in harm’s way every year. Often, preparedness on the part of responders, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and private companies can mean the difference between life and death.

Safety Communications During Severe Weather

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Everbridge Powers Severe Weather Response

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Organizations Use Everbridge to Keep People Safe During and After Severe Weather

We've had templates that come pre-made, but we've made a lot ourselves that allow us to be able to send those notifications out instantly to the group that we need to. For instance, when we have winter weather operations we've created recall groups within Incident Communications, so that individuals that need to be on standby get a notification just by sending out that recall message.
Gus Hudson, Director, Emergency Management, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
The range of incidents that we’ve experienced so far is broad, but a lot of them occur “outside the building”, if you will. These events are environmental or weather related, such as hurricane threats, snow storms, blizzards and even ice storms. This is information you can typically anticipate, and that’s why we decided to use Everbridge. Their critical communication solution enables us to prepare for these critical events and ensure we communicate consistently and efficiently with all of our staff members.
Joe Layman, Director, Business Continuity Management, Molina Healthcare
With SMART Weather, certain weather events will trigger an all-employee communication immediately, cutting delivery time down to sixty seconds or less. In life safety, this is a huge time savings.
James Green, Business Continuity Program Manager, PSCU
If we’ve got severe weather, and if we need to notify people about missing children,vulnerable adults, or if we’ve got something happening where we have to shelter-inplace,we’ll use Everbridge. Whenever we deem that an emergency might happen, if we have to use it, we’ll use it.
Scott MacKissock, Emergency Manager, Morrison County
When there is a severe weather warning or a tsunami, we activate our command center and our Emergency Management Team is ready to take action. Message alerts are sent out through Everbridge – we use mobile phone, text, email, and home and business phones.
Shari Minato, Vice President and Business Continuity Manager, First Hawaiian Bank
Everbridge provides PSCU with a flexible, easy-to- use solution that can be quickly scaled depending on incident and event type. PSCU utilizes the system to keep employees safe and informed during weather related incidents, as well as routine events such as fire drills.
James Green, Business Continuity Program Manager, PSCU
Everbridge provides Jackson with a platform that they utilize on a regular basis to communicate with employees. With safety being their first priority, Jackson utilizes the system for polling during weather related events to ensure employees are out of harm's way.
Vanessa Fineis, Business Continuity Management, Jackson National Life Insurance
Everbridge allows us to refine notifications so that they only target the areas affected by the weather warnings. Upon receiving notifications from the National Weather Service, all sirens within the county are activated regardless of the actual location of the bad weather. Using Everbridge, citizens know that if they receive a warning message on their cell phone, land line or email, they are in the “hot” zone of where the storm is likely to occur.
Ed Reuter, Emergency 911 Director, Bartholomew County, IN

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