Enhance Your Critical Communications Strategy to Keep your People Safe, and your Business Running

Whether facing an incident management, operational resiliency or emergency notification challenge, your organization needs to seamlessly reach distributed workforces, stakeholders, and customers—in multiple locations and across a variety of devices.

Recover Quickly When Disaster Strikes


Whether it is a natural disaster, security breach, severe weather alert, or a continuity event, most organizations have to deal with business disruptions that are costly, dangerous and difficult to resolve without effective communication and collaboration.

The Everbridge Solution

Execute your Plan

During business disruptions, with Everbridge, you can make sure that business continues and that employee accountability is ensured by issuing alerts to coordinate response teams, initiate conference call briefings, execute recovery plans and provide regular updates to key stakeholders. With pre-drafted Incident Management communications templates, you can send error-free messages during incidents to avoid human error.

Mobile Communications

Keep key constituents informed during critical events and initiate "on-the-go” mass notification and incident management with the ManageBridge mobile application.

Keep Customers Informed

Make sure your customers are aware when a crisis or issue has occurred. Proactively notify customers, based on their contact preferences and subscriptions, to decrease the likelihood of them flooding the call center.

Minimize the Impact of Severe Weather

Give operations teams a head start to prepare for severe weather that could impact them with SMARTWeather alerting—through automated voice notifications, SMS or push notifications.


Chris Horne Assistant Vice President of Business Continuity Management and Corporate Security, CIBC Mellon
With Everbridge, we can broadcast out information to employees using any Internet-enabled computer, any Internet-enabled mobile device, or simply call to an Everbridge operator if our own technology was impacted. We also have two-way communications capabilities; we can receive immediate feedback from our employee base, and communicate back out to them. We also have live monitoring and reporting capabilities to see how effective it is while we're in the middle of an incident.

Active Shooter Planning and Communications​


Active shooter incidents have become increasingly common in all types of settings. As the threat continues to evolve, leaders and decision-makers must ensure their organizations are able to assess who is impacted and be able to send the right person the right message.

The Everbridge Solution

Assess who and what is in harm’s way

Everbridge Safety Connection lets you instantly assess who is in the building based on badge access, network connection and static office location. It automatically keeps employee locations current even when they are traveling internationally or moving between buildings and campuses.

Confirm Safety and Assistance Needs

Quickly collect instant acknowledgments that a message was actually received and determine who needs assistance and who has evacuated to meet mustering and evacuation requirements.


Inform Individuals

Quickly communicate via SMS text, voice, mobile app, digital signage or desktop alerts with people near the active shooter locations to help protect their safety and direct them toward what specific actions to take. Target specific locations with the right message. For instance, people on floors 6 and 7 may be told to “shelter in place,” whereas people on floors 1-3 should “evacuate using the south stairwell.”

Action Plan

ContactBridge provides employees with an SOS mobile application to immediately notify security teams and collect pictures and videos. Organizations can collaborate via conference bridges to coordinate the response plan.


Assess Threats That Could Impact Operations or Employees​


Increasing your real-time knowledge of escalating incidents around key facilities, and determining how to ensure regular communication with employees who may be impacted or at risk, is increasingly challenging with today's global threat environment.

The Everbridge Solution

Keep Local, Remote and Traveling Employees Safe

With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams and large campuses, it is very difficult to keep track of thousands of employees’ locations, schedules and travels. Everbridge Safety Connection helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people. The solution aggregates geo-location data from access control, network access, travel systems, room reservation systems and mobile applications so you can assess who is at risk and reach out to them.

Threat Intelligence

During any type of emergency or incident, an employer has a responsibility to ensure its employees are protected and safe. Everbridge ThreatView provides access to detailed global situational intelligence information from within the Everbridge interface, offering man-made threat insights and natural disaster warnings. Understand the location and severity of: bomb threats; terrorist treats; travel warnings; severe weather warnings; criminal activity; civil unrest and travel disruptions.

Mobile SOS Application

ContactBridge enables mobile SOS functionality for your smartphone including:

  • SOS message initiation to the security team with your current location. In addition to sending the contact’s location, audio and video is also transmitted and shared. 
  • Automatic location sharing with your security center using Auto Check-in.
  • Safe Corridor support that sends a message to the security team if the user fails to enter their safety code at pre-determined intervals.

Global Reach

Varying data privacy regulations in Europe, content filters in China, limits on delivery volumes to comply with SPAM initiatives in the US, India, and Australia, carrier connectivity issues--these and other issues make reliable global message delivery a challenge.  The Everbridge platform sends notifications to over 200 countries and territories. We have heavily invested in national long codes and local SMS short codes to improve the quality of delivery.

Fix IT Problems Faster​​


When something goes wrong with your IT systems, you need to alert the right on-call resources to triage the incident as quickly as possible.

The Everbridge Solution

Multi-Message, Multi-Channel

IT Alerting's targeted notifications enable you to automatically identify and contact the right IT staff via multiple communication paths simultaneously.

IT Workflow Integrations

IT Alerting integrates directly with ServiceNow, BMC Remedy and other ITSM systems to improve the communication workflows and streamline the end-to-end incident management processes. Using the two-way certified integration, your ITSM system becomes a single pane of glass for all your incident communications.

Team Collaboration

When every minute counts, it can be challenging to engage all response team members in different locations, countries and time zones. IT Alerting's 'one-click’ conferencing capability means people can quickly jump on a team call. No number to memorize or dial, no access code to enter; get automatically connected to the conference from a voice message, a sms or an email from anywhere in the world.

Keep Customers Informed

Don’t keep your customers in the dark. Make sure your customers are aware when a crisis or issue has occurred. Proactively notify customers, based on their contact preferences and subscriptions, to decrease the likelihood of them flooding the call center.

Merv DeGuzman Vice President of IT, Oakwood Worldwide
System uptime and reliability are critical to Oakwood Worldwide. With a global footprint and operations happening in every major time zone, our systems must be monitored 24×7. IT Alerting has improved the ability of our team to respond to issues more quickly ensuring that our service levels are maximized. Our team has benefited from this application as it provides targeted communication to the right IT team members and offers the ability for our IT team to collaborate to resolve issues.