Keep employees safe and community members informed

From substation operations, pipeline management, to managing demand response and proactive customer communications, Everbridge enables rapid communication with your internal teams and the communities they serve, all while cutting costs. 

Resolve Incidents Quickly


Whether it’s an emergency incident that requires immediate notification to employees, customers, or regulatory groups or daily tasks like maintaining plant operations, organizations need a critical communications capability to meet regulatory requirements improve operations and help protect life and property.

The Everbridge Solution

Proper Prior Preparation

Plan ahead for any relevant emergency event with Incident Management. Decrease the time it takes to for the EOC to send out a broadcast by utilizing communications templates that include pre-defined messages, delivery paths, recipients and more. Configure Incident management to fit the needs of your organization with separate communications plans by incident type, location, or response team. 

Automate on-call outreach

Keep track of who is on-call to alert the right people based on the type of incident and time of day to reduce call out staffing times and confirm responses from the emergency response organization. Ensure that the next person or group is notified if the first person doesn’t respond. 

Instant Conferencing

Rapidly convene targeted teams on-the-fly using an instant conference bridge that places outbound calls and immediately connects participants. There are no phone numbers to dial, pin numbers to enter, or seconds lost.


Incident Tracking

Easy-to-use interface ensures the right incident communications processes are followed at the right time and that responders are notified based on the type of incident taking place.

Alarm Notifications

Integrate security alarms, panic buttons, smoke detectors, SCADA systems, and other operational alarms to relay critical information to the appropriate response personnel without human intervention.

Field Intelligence

Stay current with escalating events, like downed power lines or pipeline leaks, in real time and with on-the-scene intelligence.

Regulatory Compliance

Safely manage system tests required by PHMSA and other regulatory agencies automatically notifying impacted groups when conducting hydro-testing of pipelines, mock drills, or inspections. Comply with NERC-reportable event requirements, by tracking all incident detail and communications including confirmations, audit trails and timestamps.

Assess Threats that Could Impact Service or Workers


Critical situations like severe weather and criminal activity require information to be shared quickly and effectively with employees. Access continuously-updated threat information near your plant, pipeline or substation facilities and set up alerts based on proximity, severity, and type of incident.

The Everbridge Solution

Protect Employees During Emergencies

Manage evacuations, provide shelter-in-place guidance, and issue status updates and re-entry instructions using email, voice, SMS, digital signage and other notifications methods. 

Mobile SOS Application

ContactBridge enables mobile SOS functionality for your smartphone with:

  • SOS message initiation to the security team with your current location.
  • Support Lone Workers with automatic location sharing with your security center using Auto Check-in.
  • Use Safe Corridor to notify the security team if a worker in a dangerous area fails to enter their safety code at pre-determined intervals.

Automated Severe Weather Alerts

When severe weather threatens or high winds operations, or lightning is nearby your facilities, SMARTWeather’s automated notifications are delivered to operations and management. Confirmation of receipt ensures messages reach the appropriate personnel.

Assess who and what is in harm’s way

Everbridge Safety Connection lets you instantly assess who is in the building based on badge access, network connection and static office location. It automatically keeps employee locations current even when they are traveling or moving between buildings and campuses. Quickly communicate via SMS text, voice, mobile app, digital signage or desktop alerts with people near the active shooter locations to help protect their safety and direct them on what specific actions to take. Target specific locations with the right message. For instance, people in Building 2 may be told to “shelter in place” whereas people in Building 3 should “evacuate immediately.”

Threat Intelligence

During any type of emergency or incident, an employer has a responsibility to ensure its employees are protected and safe. Everbridge ThreatView provides access to detailed situational intelligence information from within the Everbridge interface offering man-made threat insights and natural disaster warnings. Understand the location and severity of: bomb threats; terrorist threats; travel warnings; severe weather warnings; criminal activity; civil unrest and travel disruptions.

Fix IT Problems Faster​​


When an IT issue strikes, your business operations are at risk and every minute counts. Everbridge IT Alerting help shorten the time it takes to reach out to the right on-call staff, also known as the Time to Rally.

The Everbridge Solution

Improve Response and Reduce NERC Concerns with IT Alerting

Everbridge IT Alerting features multiple integration options that support several platforms in the following categories:  ITSM, Operations Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, Automation, Web Application, Web Performance and Cloud Monitoring, Data Management and Project Management.   

Multi-Message, Multi-Channel

Companies that rely on emails to contact people, quickly realize that emails don’t wake up anybody in the middle of the night and responses to IT outages are delayed. Targeted Notifications enables you to automatically identify and contact the right IT staff via multiple communication paths simultaneously.

Integrated On-Call Notifications

Use on-call resources as contacts to automatically send multi-modal notifications via SMS, email, push notifications and more, to communicate with employees currently on a shift or employees who are scheduled to be on a shift in the future.

No Extra Bandwidth Needed

Deliver enterprise-wide messages with no additional network bandwidth.

Merv DeGuzman Vice President of IT, Oakwood Worldwide
System uptime and reliability are critical to Oakwood Worldwide. With a global footprint and operations happening in every major time zone, our systems must be monitored 24×7. IT Alerting has improved the ability of our team to respond to issues more quickly ensuring that our service levels are maximized. Our team has benefited from this application as it provides targeted communication to the right IT team members and offers the ability for our IT team to collaborate to resolve issues.